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Since I wrote back in September that I'd decided to stick with iPhone and AT&T (was considering a switch to Android & Verizon), a LOT of people have asked if I've been happy with those decisions. For the most part, yes.

But there are some caveats.
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Well each market is different. AT&T might be great in Houston, but it's terrible here in Savannah.
Bryan H
When my contract with AT&T is up, I'm going to drop them like 3rd Period French.
Thanks for sharing this post. I currently have an older model iphone on ATT. I need to upgrade, both to improve the performance of the phone and overall speed. and I'm literally keeping my phone together with tape. This info will help me decide what comes next for me. I had been thinking about staying both with the iphone and ATT. Now I have additional info to help support that decision.
While those speeds are quite impressive for a mobile device, that Ping time is pretty weak. Perhaps that’s relative to the sluggishness you’ve experienced.

I just switched away from AT&T (I had pretty good experience with AT&T and switched to get on a family plan) to Verizon about a year ago when I upgraded to the iPhone 4S and I’ve been very happy with it. Their 3G speed seems weak to me sometimes. I’m really looking forward to upgrading to the next iPhone (5S?) and finally experience their LTE speed.
+Jason Armstrong As I mentioned in your comment on my blog, the ping came in so high because I was in an elevator when I took that reading. The fact that I got 37+ Mbps is pretty impressive. I'll forgive the ping this time; it's usually in the double digits.
Yeah, I imagine that would have an effect. The slow ping time is definitely forgivable.
+Dwight Silverman I told you my story many moons ago, but I'll forgive your grey haired-ness <3

I had a 3GS, so this was before LTE. I had to get it because I got my first ever contractor job and everything was done by email so I needed a portable way to get my next job.

I forgave AT&T for giving me signal issues in school buildings, faraday cage and all. However not only did I have a ton of dopped calls and dead spots in my own house, but I had a dead spot outside and I don't live in the boonies of Savannah either, I live in midtown ( Honestly the only place in town I could get a good signal and not constantly drop calls was when I was near the AT&T store!

I had been a Verizon customer for many years (and CellularOne before that, who Verizon bought) prior, though. I had been a part of the Red Cross DAT team, the people that go out at 3am when someone's house burns down, and I was constantly going into the boonies. Any time a team member had something other that Verizon, including AT&T, had a VERY hard time getting a signal and without a cell signal it made doing DAT very hard, if not impossible.

Now maybe the data is good and all, and maybe they've improved their network, but ask anyone from here and they'll tell you Savannah has always been a Verizon town.

Now I'm sure there are parts of the country that Verizon is terrible and AT&T rules supreme, and that may well be the case in Houston, but I haven't dropped a call in 2 years and Verizon LTE has been very good to me. I use it all the time too, sometimes when I go to a chapter their internet is down so I just turn my Galaxy Nexus into my own portable internet. Especially came in handy when I went up to a South Carolina chapter, saved my butt.
Always interesting to see what others like as far as tech stuff. I still like my Galaxy S3 which is with ATT when I am home in Kingwood and am currently using my unlocked iPhone 3Gs in Australia with Telstra. So far I am unimpressed with the supposed higher speed 3G and 4G mobile networks here and the generally slower speed non mobile internet! Sometimes just a shad faster than dialup!
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