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I really like Microsoft's Surface Pro, so long as I'm using it as a notebook PC. As a tablet? Not so much . . .
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Thanks for the review!  I have heard of it being used like a Cintique for photo work.  What do you think of that?  I heard it will run Photoshop OK.
Could you run a presentation off of it? I would really love a thin and light notebook to take on my trips where I present and speak.
I would have thought it's better to use as a tablet than a laptop, what with its small screen, touchpad, and cramped keyboard.
You confirm my worst suspicians. I'd like to use a surface (especially at work)  but when I picked it up in a store it didn't feel at all right in portrait mode (which is how I use my ipad 90% of the time). 

I can understand why surface has this stretch screen (good for films and snap) but for business use these scenarios are irrelevant.

So I'm hoping for a win8 tablet with the 4/3 format.
Doesn't look like it makes that great of a laptop either.  It looks like it needs that kickstand because all the weight is up in the tablet part and not down in the keyboard.  That wouldn't work so well in your actual lap on the couch.
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