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Houston's newest Apple Store is expected to open March 16, a source tells me.

That's also the same day a lot of folks expect the iPad 3 to go on sale. Hmmmm....
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Apple creeping in on HP turf. What will the folks on Compaq Center Drive have to say about that? Probably just stand in line.
HP has practically abandoned the old Compaq campus. Most of the buildings are being used by a community college.
+Abe Torres Um, this is nowhere near the HP campus. The campus is about 20 miles to the northwest; this is in the River Oaks area, closer to the Galleria.

And if by "creeping in on HP turf", just that it's in Houston... there have been Apple stores here for years. There are currently 6 open ones here.
Wow, I only knew about the Galleria and Deerbrook locations. Soon it'll be like the 3 Starbucks by the Landmark Theatre.
it's nice to see a non-mall location, i hate malls
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