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So I'm thinking about getting my first Blu-ray player (yeah, I know, I'm late to the party - click the link to see why). I'm looking for recommendations. See the blog entry for my requirements. (And please don't say "PS3" - too expensive, and I don't need another game console.)
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Heh -- you sound like my wife. Buy the Playstation 3. It is still the most future proof of players and can do, well, everything. (Just maintain good password practices). Pick a little higher spot on the technology curve to get left behind at... $100 players are at that price point for a reason...
Wow, does anyone read what he asked for? He wants something around $100.
I don't blame Dwight. I did not purchase a DVD player until they dropped in price to the sub-$100 dollar level for a quality unit. And I am doing the same with Blu-Ray.

My problem is I watch more on streaming service than I do using physical media.
+Beau Hebert $100 is not a serious request for anything of quality. My hope, is that my recommendation would make that clear. Careful with the accusations?
+J.C. Kendall, That may or may not be the case, but in either case, you still didn't answer Dwight's question, not even close. You just linked to an item that didn't meet his requirements. Wasn't really an accusation, but an observation.
+Beau Hebert The case, as you put it, is whether or not I read the request. I answered the question as a professional in this industry would. I don't advise spending $100 on junk to anyone, even if they ask for it.
+J.C. Kendall I'm not going to argue with you on someone else's post. You didn't say anything, you didn't advise anything, you didn't in any way explain yourself. You linked to an Amazon page to an item that is $300 and failed to actually follow the request. That's all. You may have had your reasons, but you still failed to answer the question as it was asked.
Wow, my first encounter with a troll on G+. Bye, Beau.
+Beau Hebert Look, if you are not going to argue, then dont. You dont agree with my post? Tough shit. Amazing. My first Google Plus Poster Police encounter.. SHUT UP.
Thanks for the suggestions so far. I am rethinking the Wi-Fi issue in the wake of the need to update firmware. I can do it via sneakernet, but it's so much easier with Wi-Fi. Still, Wi-Fi tends to kick the price over $100, and I do need to keep the cost down. I'm not going to be using this enough that I want to spend more on it. It may get used once a month, at most. As my entry indicate, I primarily stream movies & TV. I very seldom use physical media.
Agree with John. While you don't need another gaming console, the future proof nature can probably help justify the added cost. I believe it is the only "launch" BR player to make it through all the various BR hardware revisions.
I'd almost recommend NOT getting a Blu-ray player. I had similar requirements as you going into my purchase. I started off buying a cheap Insignia player from Best Buy, and I promptly returned it a week later because I thought the picture quality was so poor. So I spent $100 more and picked up an LG BD570. It's better than the Insignia, but I still find it inferior to the quality I experienced with the Xbox 360's HD-DVD add-on drive. Also, after being burned by the HD-DVD fiasco, I'm not very compelled to buy Blu-rays discs, so I just end up renting the ones that I watch. However, now that I have a Roku attached to every TV in the house, my usage of physical media is rare at best. Even though I have a 1080p HDTV, the 720p videos available on the Roku (through Netflix, Amazon VOD, Hulu+, etc.) have more than sufficient video quality. The only area they are lacking as compared to Blu-ray is in the surround-sound department, but I understand that 5.1 surround-sound is making it's way to the digital streaming services as well.
And it looks like you could compare Marshall's pick to the BD670 @ $114, just to see if there is much of a difference technically.
go with the Samsung BDD5500 - it allows you to access your wireless network as well as the Samsung Smart TV Apps - Netflix, hulu, vudu, cinema now, etc. - Plus it is 3D blu ray - 199 online - check it out. I love it!
Dwight, having read your requirements, I'd have to say there are some good Panasonic and LG players in your price range, but don't kid yourself on network requirements. As new disc encryption schemas emerge, manufacturers issue firmware updates which are required if you want to play current discs. There would be nothing more frustrating to me than to pop in a disc, realize it needs a firmware update to play, then have to go download it, burn it to cd and pop it in the player when I could just select "update" on the menu and be playing in a couple of minutes. As an a/v nut, I have to side with J.C.'s comment - I would up your price range a bit and look at some better build quality players. And I am very much like many of the other posters - I am still using my PS3 as primary BD player and it's rock solid in terms of performance. Though if you are going to spend that much money on a PS3 and don't want the game system, the Oppo BD-93 is probably one of the best players on the market these days. You might also consider posting this question in the bd player forum over at Or at least cruise through the posts - they will give you a flavor for which ones have issues, which ones are generally good, etc.
I hate using our PS3 for BluRay. It is so loud! Thanks for posting this - I look forward to checking out some of the ones recommended!
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