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I wanted to go to a Toyota dealer, but Apple's Map app sent me to a uniform and apparel business instead.

Yelp's partly to blame.
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oh boy. Yelp may be partly to blame, but Apple did do a deal with Yelp. The average user doesn't know/care to blame Yelp or Apple, they just want it to work!
Actually, I've been led astray by the Google Navigate function on my DROID 3 times this year. I wanted the DMV and got a random vacant parking lot 5 miles away. I wanted a campground and was led to a historic site. I knew how to get to these places, and had extra time, so I tried the GPS. I'll stick to the map in my head, thanks.
Did you get a good deal on a uniform?
Not good at all. This is a really big disappointment from Apple. If Steve were around, I doubt this would have been released. I like Tim Cook, but actions are still questionable after this blunder that is Apple Maps. 
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