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How much attention do you pay to specs when buying a tablet are smartphone? +MG Siegler argues, and I mostly agree, that specs matter a whole lot less.

I still take note when buying a traditional PC, but I kind of don't care for other kinds of personal tech. You?
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it's really paper specs. i've used ios and android devices and iOS usually wins in real world performance with half the paper specs.

i've also been around tech since the 1990's, remember the GHz race of the late 1990's, the P4 CPU that scaled up to almost 4GHz and current CPU's are a lot faster than the P4 at half the Ghz. AMD's Athlon was faster than Intel CPU's for years at lower GHz speeds.
Just finished reading this about 20 minutes ago. Can't say I disagree, even though MG's fanboy-ism has to be taken with a grain of salt. There is a lot more to Apple's feat of selling its newest gadget "grail" than meets the eye, including very powerful Archetype Branding.
It's to the point now where specs are more than "good enough" for the use cases, so they don't really matter.
Interesting - for me it is all about the specs. One reason I have not purchased a tablet is that they cost too much for the underpowered hardware. At $99, it might be worth it, but at $500 I'd rather get a traditional notebook with more processing power. I guess I'm still in my "muscle tech" phase.
most of my ipad 2 apps are education apps for kids. a lot of these aren't on notebooks.

other than that i take the train to work and use my ipad to read. i also use apps like livestand, feedly, pulse and others to read the news and google reader. they are a lot better than doing it on a computer.

its also a lot faster to pop open my ipad for a quick email check than do it on my laptop via vpn

ipad is not as powerful as a laptop but it does enough things better than a laptop that i use it a lot more now
That's right, I look at specs far less now than I use to, even on desktops and laptops to a certain degree. I have a specific usage pattern on my devices and finding that most machines meet this purpose. Makes my life a lot easier!
I look at specs because they're incredibly important to what I do. I'm an enterprise java engineer for my day job, and I'm working on an Android accessory kit robot in my free time. So the specs of what tablet, phone, etc. I buy along with my laptop are incredibly important.

Specs are a good way to knowing whether the product will do what the manufacturer advertises that it will. I know that the layman doesn't care that much anymore, but I think that has been to the detriment of our industry because people aren't asking whether the ads they're seeing are true numerically.
only specs i look at are screen size/quality and unlockable bootloader everything else is negotiable (overclock) seeing as the super dual core large memory devices really dont have much of a noticable difference in ui speed over the single core 1ghz devices. i think its a case of hardware outrunning the capability of the os right now. so even the cheapo devices still perform really well. and on that note with that gap, there is plenty of room for improvement in the os's. I've got an old vista machine with a celeron cpu that just runs like crap, loaded 7 on it and its like a totally different machine due to windows 7s better hardware and memory management system. so with mobile devices they should spend less time wowing us with dual and quad core devices and spend more time on kernels. it is definitely just like the other post said its the ghz race all over again. 
Well, you don't have that many options and the prices are kind of fixed based on the contract terms of the phone.
In a tablet I want a 10 inch screen and HDMI port, in a cell phone I want wifi, big screen. Other than that just make it all work.
Tyler M
I personally think the specs war waged with Android phones is getting a little old. Seems like it just complicates getting updates pushed out because of the varying hardware. I guess it sells phones and pays blogger's wages.
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