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liang z
LeBron needs u
u + LeBron,godwill
liang z
+Travis Cooper really hope they two guys win the cup together.
+Mark Cuban too high,+liang z too down
Personally I would like to see +Dwight Howard in NYC! Knicks!
liang z
then leBron should go 2 NYC 2?
Now if New York only had somebody that could play defense, they wouldn't be bad.
liang z
so leBron will not go
lebron has an attitude problem.He won't win the campaign unless he gets over it.

Dear Dwight,



Los Angeles
Why would +Dwight Howard go to the Lakers when he can come to the NBA's Most Winningest Franchise in Boston? I'm pretty sure the Celtics are going to have plenty of cap space to spend when KG and Ray Ray expire. I could watch Rondo throwing ally oops to Dwight all day long.
Kun Li
Hey Dwight, are you going to bring your talent to south beach this year?
You are Back on G+ Dwight.
Welcome Back
Yo Dwight, don't let other people compare you to Shaq. You're gonna end up with more rings at the end of your career.

Oh. Come to the West Coast!!! (but maybe not LA)
+Dwight , the lakers could use the magnificent talent that you bring into the court. Plus I can guarantee you will fit in with them. Including HOLLYWOOD, Persue your acting career.
Well, if everyone is politicking for their respective teams, allow me to highly recommend Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls. :D
Come to the Bay Dwight and make the Warriors a contender!
The haet suck. Dwight don't be like D-fraud and the Queen or like the imposter superman. Stay in o-town we need you.
My favourite athlete! Let's go Magic!
Come to Chicago! Then you can stop injuring DRose.
you are the best basketball player and too you help to other people you is awesome
Dwight you the man I so hope you go to the Lakers.
Haha it is funny because your are so tall and they are so short.....
They may have mistaken you for Godzilla.
I think I could fit in the palm of your hand...Just saying LOL!
LOL! He's double the size of the entire crowd!
U couldve return a small chinese kid lmao
what 'bout indonesia. a lot of your fans there :)
hey, I'm in China, so lucky. lots of your fans here
hahaha you howard you are legend.Greetings from Serbia.
Good luck wherever you may play. Hope its on television wherever you play
Maybe next season you can stop crying bout fouls
You should come to Delaware!!! Seriously, I'm not even joking Dwight.
no no, come to LAKERS, I like to see you and kobe :)
Go to to the Heat and make them unbeatable. James, Bosh, Wayde, and Howard!
Go to bulls i want you and d.rose
a large group of fans .cool!!!!!!!!!!!
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