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Action film. Female heroine. No love interest. This? This I have to see. 
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Dwight A. Ernest

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"The $50 million could be significant: In recent years, the N.R.A. has spent only $20 million annually on political activities. The political groups affiliated with the billionaire Koch brothers, who are seeking to help Republicans take over the Senate, have spent about $30 million in the last six months."
Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, said that gun control advocates had to learn from the National Rifle Association and punish those politicians who fail to support their agenda.
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For those of us of a certain age, who can remember what Pad 39A's history is, this is an amazing development.
It's a new era for Kennedy Space Center, and for SpaceX: 
Marking the end of a billionaire tug of war, the SpaceX commercial rocket venture signed a 20-year agreement on Monday to take over NASA's historic Launch Pa...
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Dwight A. Ernest

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Remarkable on several levels.
It seems like certain Mazda fuel tanks are attracting a certain type of spider.

So... has anyone been in a Mazda lately?
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David Letterman will certainly be missed on the air. I hope he makes plenty of guest appearances.

(I was working at Time Inc Magazines in the Editorial Software dept when +Jeff Jarvis wrote this there.)
I wrote this about David Letterman in People in 1984:

He is America's No. 1 smartass. He is also, by far, the most inventive man on TV today. Letterman is a talk show host without fear. He flirts with the boundaries of politeness and humor; he'll try anything once. Like Carson (but unlike Thicke), he knows what to do when a joke bombs—and bomb they do, for that is the price of experimentation. Once, to apologize for a groaner, Letterman paid everyone in the audience $1. He's had a steamroller flatten watermelons and six-packs of beer, just for the heck of it. He's staged man-hunting duels between a Russian psychic and bloodhounds (the Russian won). He's worn a Velcro suit and thrown himself against a wall to see whether he'd stick (he did). He's had as guests a woman who costumes birds, a man who collects snowballs, a woman who collects strange nuts. He gleefully lets people make fools of themselves, and it's wonderful to watch. For as cynical and near nasty as he can be, Letterman is still one of the more likable and most entertaining people on TV. After more than two years on the air, he remains fresh. There's just one problem: He's on the air too damned late; Letterman is bad for your health. When and if Carson does decide to pass on his microphone, here's hoping that he passes it—and his earlier hour—to Letterman. If you haven't seen Letterman yet, then stay up late tonight (and call in sick tomorrow) to watch him. 
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Dwight A. Ernest

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Anyone know the constants necessary for calculating the odds of this?
The remarkable story of skydiver almost getting hit by meteor is confirmed by scientists and the skydiver in my article today:
It sounds like a remarkable story, almost unbelievable: Anders Helstrup went skydiving nearly two years ago near Hedmark, Norway and while he didn’t realize it at the time, when he reviewed the footage taken by two cameras fixed to his helmet during the dive, he saw a rock plummet past him. He took it to…
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Be careful about what you "Like."
At the moment, if you use a coupon or like a General Mills product on Facebook, you permanently forfeit the right to resolution of any case against them in a public court. Instead, you're required to go through arbitration. 

This is insane. 

It will probably stand.

The issue of arbitrability is, itself, arbitable. A contract can delegate questions about the validity of its arbitration clause, and the unconscionability of same, to the arbitrator himself The trial court (if any such thing exists) is left with no other questions than "does a contract exist." If it does, then all questions related to arbitration are left for the arbitrator to decide. 

It is conceivable that an appellate court, faced with a decision on this contract, would decide that the FAA did not contemplate arbitration clauses this insane. It's even conceivable that the arbitrator might decide that the clause empowering him was unconscionable. But, of course, you can't appeal an arbitrator's decision about the arbitrability of a contract. So every potential litigant must individually get a decision from the arbitrator, and -- in the event that the arbitrator decides that arbitration is within his power -- it is extraordinarily procedurally difficult to bring the issue before a court with the power to decide the issue once and for all.
The company said the policy, which said consumers “joining our online communities” could not sue the company, did not apply to its Facebook and Twitter accounts.
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"From Google’s standpoint, it’s easy to understand why it would not trumpet the news that it was helping to organize a conference designed to fend off burdensome regulation. That’s the kind of thing that makes journalists and anti-trust regulators grouchy.

"But I’m less certain why George Mason would feel any need to oblige. Because in a perfect free market, one in which all actors are free to pursue their own self-interest, one would not only expect private companies to pay think tanks to promote their views, but be actively disappointed if they failed to do so."
A new article reveals the notorious university is deep in the pockets of the Internet search giant.

#DoNoEvil   #WTHgoogle  
A new article reveals the notorious university is deep in the pockets of the Internet search giant.
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Dwight A. Ernest

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As an inactive private pilot, I think this is a great idea. I wonder if the FAA will indeed scrutinize it carefully, and if so, for how long. AirPooler will need to make sure its safeguards are good ones.
Hate the endless car trip to Bar Harbor, the car-plus-ferry trip to the Vineyard, or the pokey Amtrak to Albany? A startup called Airpooler is launching in Boston this week with a speedier solution: hitch a ride on a private plane.
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Dwight A. Ernest

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How Should One Live?

Deliberately, gratefully, honourably, compassionately, enthusiastically and joyfully - simple isn't it?

#transpersonalpsychology   #positivepsychology   #blissful   #happiness   #joyful  
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