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Dvorah Lansky
Bestselling Author and Online Book Marketing Specialist
Bestselling Author and Online Book Marketing Specialist

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Hi All, I was wondering if you can recommend any podcasts that are geared towards supporting authors who podcast or if you know of any authors doing unique or compelling things with their podcast. (My show is geared towards supporting authors with podcasting so I'm looking to connect with potential guests for the show. Much thanks.)

Question... why would a listener use the Pocket Cast app vs. the iTunes app - if they have an iPhone?

I am totally in love with my ATR2100 mic. (Thanks +Dave Jackson and +Jim Collison) my question is, what do you recommend to help with pops and windy letters? A pop filter? A foam mic cover)

Do you have your podcast episodes transcribed? I'm considering having this done for my podcast. 

I am so excited to share this with you. If you are serious about creating income streams from your content and/or your book, you must join us! I'm hosting the amazing Kathleen Gage for a no-cost-to-attend Webinar! There is more content in this simple 5 Step formula for profitable product creation webinar than I could possibly share here... Enjoy this informative video on the topic, by Kathleen!

If you are interested in innovative ways to share your books and/or products "virally" you have got to check out this incredible example from Kathleen Gage!
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