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Duv Jones
Just a guy. An observent one, but just a guy.
Just a guy. An observent one, but just a guy.

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Is there any reason to why comments don't work (aren't visible) with Danbooru?

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You know, this is kind of the feeling I have should there be a next season. There will need to be a confrontation.

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Pickering Ontario 2015
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Wayland is going to be so weird... so playing about with the Wayland test under Gnome with Fedora 21. I have to wonder if it has any effect with video performance. Totem is kind of a mess with the other things that it is doing, and my go-to player (Mplayer, the Gnome build) is.... kind of slow under the x11 video driver.

Still, it leaves me in a bit of a pickle if this is how things continue?

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For god sakes, just give him a seat...

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Ok, there has been a rumour going around that Sony wants a "Smash Bros." like game.... Looks like they might serious about this thing.... to this I say, ok, let's see what happens.
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