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Finally, it is here for public use !  A GLOBAL seismic pressure transfer map !!

It took 7+ years of steady research + reporting events to assemble this map, to figure out which way all the plates are moving via seismic events it took years of observation and several viewers help to put it all together.

This graphic that we've developed shows the progression (direction) most of the seismic pressure on the planet takes -- from origin points (marked "D") where the deep earthquakes occur, all the way across the planet to the end points (marked "X") where the pressure finally stops.

If you see earthquakes occurring along these lines "up stream" from your location, you should watch YOUR location "down stream" for an flood of pressure to come your direction.

The larger the movement which comes from the deep earthquakes = the larger the movement "down stream" from these locations.


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If you like my research on earthquake forecasting, this fundraiser is available if you are able to give!

MUCH LOVE to the hundreds of people who have given to this fundraiser in the past 2 months, and over the past 7 years when it was needed.


Here is a secure link to the donation page if you are able to help :

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Italy struck by M4.9 (M5.0) earthquake!  Forecast area direct hit again!


Full website post here:

11/01/2016 — New M4.9 earthquake strikes Central Italy — Forecast to occur + Warnings issued

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Largest earthquake in 30+ years strikes Central Italy -- Lives SAVED thanks to the Earthquake Forecast reaching the town(s) hit!

Full post here:
10/30/2016 — Largest earthquake in 30+ years strikes Central Italy — M7.1 (M6.6) and swarm hits the forecast area

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South Europe / Central Italy struck by major earthquake -- damage and potential fatality reports coming out now.

This was the warned location in Central Italy, warned in last nights earthquake forecast to be on watch for new movement to strike.

Now that movement has struck in the exact location which was warned.

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Heads up!  Large earthquake and swarm strikes Italy -- Damage reports coming in...

This was the forecast location to be hit!  They had multiple days warning for a noteworthy earthquake to strike this location.

10/26/2016 — Large earthquake and swarm strikes Central Italy / South Europe — EQ forecast area direct hit

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Taiwan has been struck by an earthquake in the warned location!  

This is a Taiwan earthquake forecast direct hit.

10/25/2016 — Earthquake strikes Taiwan — EQ Forecast area direct hit — M5.2 event

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Get the word out, Japan was hit as we were watching for!


10/20/2016 — Japan struck as the earthquake forecast called for — Asia unrest taking place now

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Your help (viewer + readers) is needed!

If you like my earthquake research, and you like the EQ forecasting.. please consider giving to my fundraiser  :)

Raising funds to operate, provide a salary for the work, and grow my operation into something greater this year.  

Anything you give is appreciated, and will help me do this for the next year!

Secure link to donate here:
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