I'm happy with fragmentation. It means we as customers and as developers have choice. We can have tiny devices or huge devices or devices with really weird screen resolutions or unusual hardware features. We can have built-in hardware keyboards if we want them, or not. We can have giant batteries, or not. We can use SD cards if we want. We can use Android on a TV in our living room or in a car computer for navigation and media or in our phones or our watches or anything else we want. We don't need permission. We won't be sued for using Android the way we want. As a customer, you can buy an Android device in nearly any configuration you'd like. As a developer, you can take Android and turn it into something beautiful for your customers. As a hardware engineer, you can put Android in your creations and do something no one has ever done before. It doesn't matter that Google runs the Android project; we all own the GPL/Apache-licensed code and can do anything we want. Even if Google turned evil, we can just fork the code and keep going forward. Even if Samsung or HTC or Motorola turned stupid, we can just get our hardware from someone else without losing our software investment. Even if every manufacturer on the planet stopped supporting Android, we can support Android ourselves. There is nothing to stop us from doing what we want, how we want, where we want. This is why I love Android, Linux, and open source software. And this is why I'll never use a proprietary operating system on any device I own ever again.
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