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Rhinoceros Auk in the San Juan Islands - #nature   #wildlife   #birds  
#BirdPoker  Take-offs curated by +Phil Armishaw 
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Any Orcas? We had transient pod on w-w trip out of Anacortes last month +Rhino Auklets on log! Enjoying all yr US photos, keep 'em coming! (Now home nr Hastings ESx)
+Ralph Hobbs yes we had a nice pod of ORcas. Also Red-necked Phalaropes, Marbled Murrelets, Loons ETC. Now back in SE London but very fortunate to be going to Ecuador thursday!!!
Thanks Dusty, saw all those too! Might need to compare notes at some point, I mean flower photos I/we can't ID!
PS Ecuador is VERY fortunate, have fun ID-ing flowers there!  Or just enjoy for their own sake :-)
I have a great book and could check out my wildflowerforeveryday album - there are quite a few Cascade and NW flowers I have already posted. I have about 200 more to go!!!!
Cheers re Ecuador :) +Ralph Hobbs 
Yes, takes a while to ID em all. Seen yr nice wffed album & yr tweeted updates. I'm using Pojar & Mackinnon's Plants of Coastal BC,WA, OR & Alaska. What book do you have?
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