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Entrepreneur on the Silicon Prairie.
Entrepreneur on the Silicon Prairie.

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Thanks to Ben for the very kind words about Flywheel!!!
Managed WordPress Hosting That Is Simply Remarkable

Earlier this year in re-evaluating some aspects of my business and looking for some 'fat' to trim from it I came to the conclusion that providing hosting services was something I no longer wanted to offer. At times it just became a time suck in adding email addresses, setting up databases, etc., etc.) While I know it works really well and is profitable for many, it just got to be something I was no longer enthralled with doing and wanted to focus more of my energies elsewhere.

With that in mind, Dec. 31 is the date I've set in which I will shut down my current server. It also means that I am currently helping my clients find quality and trusted folks to host their WordPress websites with. One such company that I am strongly recommending to clients and non-clients alike is the managed WordPress hosting service found at Flywheel -

In my opinion, Flywheel makes the migration process that I am working through with many of my clients about as fluid and seamless as humanly possible. Right from my admin dashboard I can submit a request to have a certain website moved....for FREE. All I do is provide login credentials (WP and SFTP) and we're off and running. Not too much longer after that I receive a friendly email indicating that the site was moved successfully. Following that step I utilize a feature of theirs' to where I can generate an email in the back end to where it will transfer billing to a client - essentially I'm putting in my client's email address, pre-selecting the hosting package for them, hitting send and they get the bill. They pay that bill, I get an email indicating that and from there all that is needed now is for me to make a change to that domain's DNS. Easy peasy!

In terms of setting up a brand new WordPress site with the incomparable Genesis Framework running atop it, well, that takes all of about 5 minutes maximum. No longer is there a need to jump through multiple hoops in order to get a WordPress website operational. With Flywheel, it is akin to flipping a switch.

With all that said, if you're a designer, agency or one man marketing shop either looking to get into the hosting business or maybe like in my case just looking for a great referral, then I strongly encourage you to call Dusty or Rick at Flywheel.

FYI - They should have some exciting news by year's end as it relates to their affiliate program which I'm hearing will be pretty different than what most of us are accustomed to seeing.

If you'd like to ping me and ask me anything about their product or service, then by all means I'd be glad to weigh in on those things I have first hand experience with.

Happy hosting y'all!


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