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 I lost a good friend because I wanted to do my own show. I am still scratching my head over that one. Nothing is worth that, and it is their loss. I FULLY SUPPORT AS MANY MUSICIANS AND SHOWS ON GOOGLE PLUS AS POSSIBLE. This show happens to be at the same time as the little show I have been doing. Do I get my panties in a wad? No. I support these guys. I love music. I want them to have a great show. I can catch the replay anyway. It's not like it's going anywhere.  Therefore I urge you to tune in and support +Tim Jones . I'll be doing my thing because that's what I do. It's not like the internet isn't huge and can't accommodate us all.

There are a lot of things behind the scenes here that are really unpleasant. If someone has a show on say Thursday they act as if they own the whole time and that you can't do what you want to do. I am exactly the opposite and believe that we all should celebrate music when we can and with who we wish at what time we wish and the like, and most of all celebrate each others freedom and creativity. So, tune in if you want or not. +Tim Jones  is a great friend and so is +C Bret Campbell , and unlike some folks on Google Plus I fully endorse, support and can get behind more music being played more often, on more shows on more days, with more people.

Word. Kill it +Tim Jones . You worked hard on these songs. 
+Tim Jones just released "The Balladeer" and we want to help him celebrate!

We're going to take a Memorial Day off from our normal MTL recording schedule by presenting Tim +Balladeer Music on Saturday the 23rd instead.

You will not want to miss this very special evening. Tales shall be spun, and if "the whiskey don't leave" drinks will be served and many many songs shall be sung by the master of traditional down-South country music!

We'll follow Tim up with a bit of a jam session / open mic thing with some of your other favorite pickers, too. So get a comfortable spot on the porch, pull the cork out da jug, and settle in for an evening of Real Music! 

Don't forget to wet your whistle in advance here:
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Middle Tennessee Music. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Tim Jones - Mid Tenn Listens Special Presentation ep 103
Sat, May 23, 9:00 PM
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I luz you +The Dead Shed :-)  Hahahaha
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Y'all tune in. Gonna be great!
Featured Event - C Bret Campbell
Come join us this Friday night at 9:30pm ET for a special featured event showcasing one of our favorites +C Bret Campbell! We all know him and love him from our open mic nights and we figured it was about time to show him the love by not making him share the mic!

Bret is the Co-Founder of +Middle Tennessee Music which was founded in 2011 as a merging of +Small Barn Sound's production and promotion services with those of BUNKS Multimedia. Mid Tenn focuses on independent musicians, labels, venues, publications and web partnerships. Along with free information and promotion services, Mid Tenn act as consultant, webmaster, and online marketing director for bands, artists, indie labels, radio promo companies, and others. 

Bret has been a musician for 35 years and has been involved in the music community in some way or another all of that time. 

Follow C Bret Campbell    

Support My Music Hangout!
If you enjoy what  is doing to help support and showcase indie musicians and want to continue seeing shows like this, please consider supporting our efforts by becoming our sponsor or patron.

#MyMusicHangout #MMHRocks #music 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by My Music Hangout. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Featured Event - C Bret Campbell
Fri, May 15, 9:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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I started a contest on my music page. I love psychedelic art and like my post says music and art are the same. You can win this thing. Somebody is gonna win. Give it a look and consider hopping on. Peace.
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Attention artists. We are running a little good natured contest for psychedelic concert art for +Dead Air . This contest is held each month. All you have to do is make a psychedelic concert poster for Dead Air and share it privately with Dead Air and you will be entered. The contest is for the the first ten submissions and the winner will recieve 100.00 via paypal. 

This contest is for psychedelic art, not photographs, but true psychedelic concert art! If you need to know what constitutes psychedelic artwork please visit and that will hope you on your path to illumination. Lol.
I'm still waiting for submissions for psychedelic art for our monthly contest. All you have to do is submit it by sharing the submission privately with +Dead Air . The first ten submissions will be in the contest each month. Somebody is going to win 100.00 dollars and a phone interview. :)

The art should be like a concert poster and have Dead Air on it. 

Trip on folks. Trip on.. 

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Thanks +Michael Thomas !! I wanna give someone 100.00. I wanna see cool art. :) Really appreciate you sir.
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God check out +Tim Behrens . The man is AMAZING!!!
Please help us celebrate May with Tim Behrens in this special presentation.

We'll spend some time catching up with musical genius,+Tim Behrens  and learning about the new music he's working on, followed by an intimate performance beamed right to your television, computer or tablet.

Expect to here a few favorites like "Da Junk in Da Trunk" and "Fallen Heroes" and be surprised by the debut of some brand new tunes!

Come one, Come all, there's room for everyon, even the family dog ;)

Big thanks to Tim for the opportunity, and to +Hangout Records and +MMHRocks Live Music  for supporting this  once in a blue-moon event!
Tim Behrens on Mid Tenn Listens Live!
Fri, May 1, 9:30 PM EDT

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We'll have the entire mastered recording from Dead Air III up on in the Live Music Archive along with a link for you to download the show in a bit. :)
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Having some tough times here so I'm down to using the smartphone for interweb access. If/when I get a cable modem back I'll definitely join your Hangout. Hope you and yours are doing well Dusty. 
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Two submissions in! That's the spirit!
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Wow. These are nice....  Now can't wait to see the next submissions. 
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The Dead Shed (Dusty Bradshaw)

Обсуждение  - 
Hey gang. I am a musician but really appreciate the art you all do. I started a contest over on my page for best concert poster type psychedelic art. You can win 100.00 bucks and a phone interview. Have a look and please consider submitting something.. Anything. Lol. We are all winners in music and art. I am just trying to make things interesting. 

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The Dead Shed (Dusty Bradshaw)

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Oh lord. I thought this was test. All good. Nobody died. Lol.
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Nice work +Dusty Bradshaw!!!
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Have him in circles
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