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4.3 Gigabytes worth of punch cards.

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That looks like my dad's office back in '78 or so. The one and only time I was ever allowed in, I accidentally knocked over a box of punchcards and got them out of order. ~eep~
You're right. I did not. It was a day like that book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, except that whiny little boy DID get ice cream. Just not the ice cream he wanted.
My dad is actually my step-dad, and I got the pleasure of being a nerdy girl growing up in a house of early adopters. He got his master's in programming in '76, married my mom in '77. He took me to see Star Wars as the first "date" my sisters and I got to go with for just before they got married. I was 6 and in love with R2D2. I have been geek through and through since.
I still have a set of cards I kept from the programming on the System 7 I did. I'm quite happy to have missed almost all of that era, and I have a great deal of respect for the engineers that worked then. They're not all "gone" of course, happily retired for the most part, and I run across a few every once in a while. Funniest thing is that when we talk about big systems I'm trying to wrap my head around, they nod, smile, and it's pretty clear they've been there, done that!
+Lance Roberts Good times! I still think ALGOL is superior to the Pascal and Ada nonsense that weakly groveled in its footsteps. My work was on a B6810.
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