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Get a Sneek Peak At the New +YouTube !

I'm checking it out now thanks to this tutorial on +Mashable. Here what you do if you want to try it out too:

Using Google Chrome, go to and hit cmd+option+J (Mac) or ctrl+shift+J (PC) to view the source. Then paste this code:


When you refresh the page, you will see the brand new YouTube! Woo-hoo!

What do you think of the new design? Anybody else notice some Google+ish style?
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Hmmm... I like it. The flow of the page is slightly better.
I'm going to add this to my links of the week. Thanks for the share!
Good...I'm glad they are merging it into the Google style sheet. It's a cleaner look. 
So much white space........ which was the G+ complaint for a while. 
Hmmm... I get that +Matthew Richardson. Personally, I like white space since it helps me mentally organize things, but I get that lots of people don't like it...
+Dustin W. Stout yeah, doing a google search for google plus white space or search #whitespace   on here will show you the extent of the outcry. But like with most things people get used to it after a while. 
+Matthew Richardson oh ok... I do remember people crying about that. Lol I was annoyed so I think I blocked it from my memory. There's no such thing as too much white space IMHO.
The one thing I miss is the black/gray "strip" background when you watched a larger view of the video.  It was that "lights off" that helped showcase the video.  I guess the gray background is ok...but that worked.  Oh, and it's not centered.  Google+ish ;)

Update:  oh, and what happened with 'centering'???  For example if I go to a movie, I don't want to sit on the 'sides' and crank my neck to see the show...same with YouTube...let us have premium seats in the 'center'...and not off to the sides.  That is my only, center, center.  I love that it's getting minimalistic to showcase the videos and Google style.  Just gotta center...
Didn't work for me, could be because I am Canadian though 
+Stephen Uchacz if you follow the link to Mashable there is a fix if it doesn't work the first time. Try that and let me know if it works!
I already have it without the cookie steps. 
+Dustin W. Stout Thanks, I have quick question for you, do think You Tube should get a rid of old crass YT comments section, and put Google Plus comments section it?
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