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Build Your Own Media Empire

It was a great pleasure to both sit and listen to +Chris Brogan's presentation at #SMMW14  *and* to meet him in person and chat for a while before he spoke. 

The guy really knows what he's talking about and you can see that he walks his own talk. I've captured all my notes from his talk here: <-- you defintely want to read that!

So much can be said from what Chris talked about, but most importantly to me was the part where he talks about making your audience the hero, not your brand

Great stuff! What stands out most to you?

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As always, great substance. Having a hard time leaving a comment via Android device fyi. 
I definitely did want to read that - and did!  :)  What stands out for me is making all your media two-way.  I think that's huge and makes all the difference. After all, it's about you and your audience together (not just 'you'). I also think it's amazing that he manages to do that still at the point he's at.  Thanks again for all these SMMW14 notes!
That seems like it was a very insightful session. Chris Brogan has always been one of those guys that just seems to get it.

Great post but now I gotta find out what the "K" was for...

It could be on my end, but for some reason the screen zooms in and out while typing and it resets the cursor.
Thanks for the post! I subscribed to Chris and am already blown away by the welcoming mail! 
I really like how personal and authentic it is. Just simple, clear, funny and charming.
thanks for your sharing. it is nice.
Great job on the post, +Dustin W. Stout. Proof-positive that true value really can be conveyed in a very short, simple and easy-on-the-eyes format. (Also proof-positive that you really do get your own busy audience!)

Thanks for sharing Chris' talk with us, kind sir!. :)
Thanks for taking the time to share in such explicit and enlightened detail - I can already see the ways in which this will become a part of my life. 
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