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Most Talked About People On Social Networks

I started noticing a trend throughout the social media sphere. Every social network has slightly different types of conversations that take place. After doing a little research (and seeing folks like +Mike Elgan confirm my suspicion) I decided to create this simple photo that tells the story.

Enjoy g+niuses. ;)

UPDATE: Thanks for everyone who's shared and +1'd (and continues to do so)! Here's what I learned about going semi-viral because of this image:
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Hahahaha... that's great post dustin..
Albert does get mentioned often here.
I think in recent months it's been Neil DeGrasse Tyson. In the early, hipster days of last Spring it was Carl Sagan.
G+ talks about other social networks!
i beg to differ. facebook, u can't really track trending, because we don't use that much words to search or discuss on it, and half of the status updates are of course copy and paste, Twitter trending is much similar, But i think It's funny Einstein was most talked about person here. I dont' think so, but it cracks me up with the photo, 1 gal, 1 i dunno what and 1 guy, rule facebook, twitter and G+
It's funny that the most talked about person on Google Plus is Einstein, because he wasn't around when the most talked about subject was thought up... Google Plus.
LOL, Einstein and G+ mesh is probably so trendy lately.
+Nanda Linn Aung I don't think this based off anything. I think someone just made it up to make themselves, and other G+ folks, feel good.

It'll suck if G+ become the intellectually snobby place to hang out.
Frankly m'dear, I don't give a damn!
It isn't era, it is IQ you should worry about. Dawkins is your era. talk about him.
Though I support the premise and agree that G+ is an awesome platform...The Bieber did trend quite often in the last few days when I checked... :)
einstein is grt !! there is nt doubt abt it !! his knowledge his contributions towards science rulling our world ..
knowledge is divine !! as in google+ most talked person is einstein
i feel google+ is rocking
Or maybe it just means that people on G+ aren't idiots and don't care about "famous" pop "stars".
Lisa L
I just recognized the face of Einstein among these 3 faces :D who are they the rest?
I feel it is unacceptable that the person above me does not recognize the face of abomination in humanity, a freak of nature that should not have been born, a turning point that spell the de-volution of humankind... If you dont recognize those blasphemous faces above ('cept Einstein), then history will repeat itself...
its a very good co incidence when u c the man evolved the theory E=MC*C
conclusion...G+ is used by wise people..!!!
this is astonishing they have that in mind?????????????? we can say that it helps dump to be wise...:p
Guess this shows quality and intelligence of people when they use social network ! Using their valuable time for intelligent discussions ! Thanks for sharing !
I love rihanna and einstein but I don't like bieber
Can you actually prove this with statistics +Dustin W. Stout, or is it a guess, based on your own experiences here on G+? I'm not saying it isn't true, but you have to be able to back up claims like that with actual evidence.

Then again, perhaps the fact you are actually being asked this in the first place would lend credence to your hypotheses.
I wish. Current trends:
IPhone, LeafOnThursdays, American Idol, Smartphones, Kenny Dalglish

Yesterday that Bieber thing was on the trending list. Guess this picture is just wishful thinking.
I don't know who that is on the left???
+Maya Williams I know Beiber and Einstein. Just didn't know what Rhianna looks like. Only like Einstein.
Nope. Just the Start of 'facebook syndrome'

Fish and tree quotes don't equal good enough discussion and most of the people who comment on 'Einstein' even though he is dead, speak like he is still alive.
well that makes me feel some better that gplus is more about thought and really creative people
self servitude. masturbation. i just fucking hate it. 
I've never seen Einstein trending on G+! Although, I've seen JB and Lady Gaga a couple of times!
Hmm... I may go back and take another look at Facebook.
putting up things like this makes G+ look like that girl who got dumped by her ex for someone who's not as goodlooking (can swap Boy for Girl, His for Her and He for She to apply for guys) and just can't shut her mouth about how better she is.
No surprise here! LOL :D
Though Einstein was considered to be less intelligent when he was the same age as Justin and Rhianna---LOL

One big happy universe? wink**wink
I agree with +Bradley Bishop. The great thing about g+ is for every annoying Bieber or Britney that trends, Einstein, Tesla, a world issue and photography goes with it! It's not a snobbish place but there is enough substance to drown out the celeb worship! 
If Einstein had seen this, he'd have checked out Facebook.
Most Talked About People On Social Networks
Get 1 Crore Life Cover.............bec
with all the kitten pictures on G+ I'm disappointed that Schrödinger's cat isn't trending
awesome information you have have share. I really like it.
Feeling slightly superior as I havnt participated in these conversations! What can you expect in a world where people think Twilight is a novel! Would make you sick!
The woman on the left? I don't even know who she is. Do I get any #geekcred for that?
I'm not sure if it is the kiss of death (financially) to be nerd-centric, but there is something to be said about a social medium that invites discussion not duhscussion.
I don't even know who the girl on the left of this picture is! LOL Not sure if that's sad or a good thing....
Yes, I just today happened to check the G+ and related articles, and must say this definitely is beyond the normal hi's and hello's, its rightly something plus, truly G+. i have to close my twitter account
What a bunch of lies. Albert is not even on G+ trending list. Although Jennifer Lopez is on G+ trending list.
I can see it... I don't even have a twitter account, my Facebook friends are morons for the most part and people I've circled on G+ area fairly well educated, for the most part.
ReN Ju
thats true :)
Again a lie .. I think you don't come online too often +Dustin W. Stout It's Justin Bieber .. .. So please stop
Globally Albert Einstein is very famous person. i love the way he was following.
The only problem is a quick Google search shows that Lady Gaga has MORE posts than Einstein.
What I have noticed is that g+ has a lot of discussion of how intelligent and cool g+ is......
I love G+ for the mental stimulation it gives me...and also for the ego boost from posts such as this.
i sniff that ...among us there are some rebels...anyways at least all the comments i saw here are much better than the tweets and comments on fbook.
Speaks volumes of the quality of people on each network, eh? ;-)
who is the woman there?
well is for smart people, not auto-tuned singers and little girls
hahaha nice post & i think facebook 4r girl & boy 4r google
well.... I think that kind of speaks for itself and confirms my theory at least - no explanation required to us geniuses :->
And so far, no cat pictures with misspelled captions!
WHY DID U SAY THAT MAN now they will come for us .
The funny thing about this is that Justin Bieber is probably trending right now... so much for our intelligence.
True for Google+. I don't know about the others. I see about 5 posts on the What's Hot about him every day.
The Twitter one seems valid, and I wouldn't know how to find that info for Facebook.
I notice some G+ user think following intelligent people and add them to their circle will make them smarter.
You forgot to put Pizza Jon on it ...
OK, I genuinely don't know who the first is, and I'm not entirely sure who the second one is either... :-)
bieber has been top trending for a while now on G+......
everything in life is a hike so just try to be happy thats it.
intelligence comes FROM profile picture
Wow, you google employees must be a pretty smart bunch. Too bad no one wants to use Google+ except you!
Justin Bieber is trending on Google+ as we speak. Where did the picture creator get their information?
Yeah, I would love a citation please.
In other words, G+ is to be avoided if trivia is what you're looking for, is that what you're saying? Not bad PR for G+ in any case.
YES...sorry for inconvenience M NOT justin ...M DUSTIN
I would love to talk about person with Justin Bieber on twitter
why even try to understand it, people can realy get stupid with media hipe. I mean one day it's Britney,next it's Jaylo, then beiber, then so on and so on. W.T.F. they all gotta wipe their asses like anyone else,and believe me they do. so let those sad little minds that can't fathum a genuine thought pattern, feel like they are special. We don't have to watch it, or them.
And now Justin Bieber is Trending in Google+, and cycle of chat goes on
The more and more ghostly the Google+ world looks the better it thwarts rogue users, otherwise it might turn in to another Facebook. Only the intellectual minds know how lively it is...
So why does +Victoria Nigar always seem to re-post the same stuff that's always on top of the hot list - isn't the unwritten courtesy to share - not save and re-post ???
Bieber seems to be making his way over here on Google+. I'm afraid.
picture says it all
...that's a bit overly optimistic.
I wonder who the most talked about person on Diaspora* would be?
Yes it is true!..I have come to except google Plus as a place for educated people....:) but thats just me!
Who is the woman on the left?
Of course, the 'talking' about Einstein generally amounts to little more than the excessive sharing of pictures of Einstein next to decontextualized aphorisms that play to the sentiments of the crowd.
The girl on the left looks like selena gomez. Lol. Idk if it is, she just looks like it
"aphorism"...never heard the word. Enlighten me, please.
+Siddhant Ramakrishna and now, people being people have begun to alter the environment (G+) to suit them. Hence we have what appears to be an increasing volume of Facebook style posts EG +Quotes Everlasting and +Funny Pictures in the infancy of G+ people dominated. Now its pretty mediocre posts that do...
Yeah, you're right guys. You only to look at the comments on posts to see how intelligent everyone is..........
I could have sworn G+ had Kim Kardashian as most talked about. For awhile too.
I started noticing a trend throughout the social media sphere. Every social network has slightly different types of conversations that take place. After doing a little research (and seeing folks like +Mike Elgan confirm my suspicion) I decided to create this simple photo that tells the story.
Hej +TV4 den här bilden säger mycket om de olika sociala nätverken!
You Geople are Awesome. Its about what really matters.
This is why I love google!
Love G+!, dislike Justin Bieber, somebody needs to pull his pants up!!, PLZ!!
lol i don't even know who that pic of the girl is....
funny how justin beiber is currently trending on G+....stop being pretentious
Actual quote from G+ user about a similar meme: "its not saposed to make sence its saposed to make you luk twice". Yes, highly intellectual.
Rihanna ... ;) !!!! love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!
this fact about G+ is very very incontrovertible, intelectualities are always backed with great respects. i love einsten
Thats Why Google will take over the world
I recognized Einstein. Who are the first two people?
wo is dat old man ???
Hehe funny stuff! Yet to notice the trend though. 
Because G+ is full of intelligence, n peeps aren't vicariously living their lives through other people 
I use all three networking sites...what does that say about me?
What I noticed about g+ users is that they all have a chip on their shoulders, Facebook users are all trying hard to stay relevant and twitter users are all dying to be original but can't seem to accomplish it.
The only reason why G+ sees more intellectual posts than stupid ones is because it is limited to 18 and older. 
The only one I recognize is Einstein. It does show that G+ is a more intellectual bunch.
Google+ is the best...and the smartest. Facebook is just awful and Twitter is downright stupid— thumbs ^
Come on people, we need to up our bieber talk! We can do this!
Rhianna is okae.... But what happen to the old man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's racheted.......>>>>>>>>
Albert Einstein. He dropped out of school and still managed intelectualy wise to be one of the most succesful people of how time.
No one talks about Einstein on here. Just because someone posts inspirational dribble under his name does not mean he's talked about.
I prefer a social community that provides games, show, leisure and video games at cyberspace.
I believe this refers more to amount of post with that topic, and in a way we do talk about him every time we lost one of his quotes or pictures.
G+ is the best, seriously. It is just difficult to understand how to use it at first for non-programmers
Many people often ask "I know G+ exists but for the life of me I cannot understand why." This is the reason why!
Funny I find I like the Google+ graphic better than the other two. Also the conversation about the person would be much more interesting to me than the other two. Not being a twitterer is my greatest pleasure.
People in G+ prefer talking about dead people.
i will chose the twiter cause justin bieber are hahahaha
i love both rihanna and justin bieber!
I have a feeling that Rihanna on facebook and Justin Bieber on twitter are miss quoted far LESS often than Einstein is on g+
Thank god I'm on G+. Though most people near me seem to only know the first 2.
That's because Google+ people is for people that prefer class and knowledge. Not like my status or you will go to hell crap!
thanks intelligence comes FROM profile picture
'i love empirical evidence' - jenny lykken,
This is why I'm migrating. kind of hard to start over on the social networking thing, but worth it. My comparison: Facebook is a PC, Google+ is a Mac.
^ soooo true!!!

In all seriousness, I think that some of the "hot" things that are trending on G+ are interesting, far more interesting than the trending topics on twitter, but I completely agree that the replies to these posts are so often on a level comparable to the idiotic comments on youtube that I feel Google+ just needs to have an option to opt out of seeing replies... (I'm not excluding my own because I'm sure someone somewhere must find me to be a half-wit, but at least I try to add something constructive and thoughtful...)
i deleted my FB account 2 years back
I never even got a facebook. It makes sense though, I hate Rhianna.
truth!! this is where i come 4 some brain activity :)
Yeah. This is made up. Which makes it more pathetic in some amazing way.
Damn Lie Cuzz Nobody Lik JUSTIN,Rihanna stoppped bein famous ndIDK BOUT DA LAST GUY dAMN LiERS......uhhhhhh...:(:(:( :(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:(:(::(:((:(::((::(:((:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:
Very ver true. I have often said that people view facebook through LOLggles. Anything serious get's filtered out.
+Daniel Love +Joe Hanley +Stella Ski simple - flag @Quotes Everlasting for spam. They've got about 30 G+ pages producing this tat.
It just show the sort of people who use Google+ and how cool they are.
Except what we are really talking about is some silly quotes misattributed to Einstein, not General Relativity.
everything else seems trickled down redundancy
That is pretty interesting, though I have no idea who the gal on the left is. I saw another pic where they said if you know this girl (a Kardashian), but not this guy (guy = Carl Sagan), you are what is wrong with this world. At the time, I had to ask who the girl was, but knew Carl by sight...
I don't have any experience with twitter but with facebook is mostly useless things i find or people talking about. G+ can be the same but sofar its been really interesting stuff
I dont talk about any of them... and i havent really heard anything about any of them except for justin on facebook sometimes
All this time it might be me. Lol
Does that mean G+ makes me smarter?
this is the real social status
that's why I love twitter
I got my mom first in G+ she likes it a lot, today she told me: I ve opened a fb account, it seems like a market! she didnt like it at all. Conclusion: G+ better and lets hope it doesnt get like facebook.
Who are the two chicks on the left of Einstein?
no affence but, Justin Bieber is so retarted!!
+Katie Seymour , think you meant "offence"...
Glad to know that G+ users care more about intelligence...
Nice and mor and most honour able for us
YAY!!! (and she claps and giggles with delight) Smart people use Google+.....wait....or is the implication that old people use Google+....wait....or is the implication that dead people use Google+.....wait....or is the implication that someone pretending to be someone smart uses Google+? I'll just sit here and wait for the answer.
im glad i don't have a facebook or twitter. Google+ is epic.
Mar g
It's cuz mostly old ppl and geeks/nerds hav a google+, and the rest of the world has twitter and Facebook. Idk I even hav one of these
Shows how intelligent Google+ people are
Interesting. I forget where I heard the interview but this echoes the sentiment that G+ is for people looking to have a higher quality engagement as a social medium. Honestly, I really don't care that you had toast for breakfast.
I don't even know who the Facebook celeb is. I'd imagine she's a lip synching auto tune "musician". Oh wait, Nickelodeon. Eh, I'll stick with my first guess.
I agree with +Joe Hanley and Daniel Love. I guess we need to remember that the world is full of average people with average intellect, making average comments. On average, that is what you will get on ANY open social media forum eventually.

However, the way in which G+ enables you to share may be encouraging a slight bias towards more intellectual content. If G+ is successful I imagine it will contain the full spectrum, so people will have to be selective on who / what they follow.

For now though, I think there is more interesting debate on G+ and I would rather that continued, and wasn't completely washed out by the mainstream. Even if it is just average people trying to be smarter.

So + 1 to this post. It did make me laugh.
Google+ is like Facebook for grownups. :-)
It's a nice idea, but I'd love to see the source data. I wonder how many people will take this at face value and draw false/misleading conclusions. Is it literally true that Einstein is the most talked about person on G+? No. Would it be insightful and interesting to identify who genuinely is the most talked-about person on each platform? Yes. :)

Did Google commission this as a viral PR image through Dustin's agency? :)
+Tim Acheson you can search for the data if it really means that much to you. It wasn't that hard to find. Einstein was a personal observation for me after looking through "What's Hot" daily. Good ol' Einy makes an appearance in quotes, pictures and discussions frequently more than anyone else I noticed.

That being said... it's a meme. The point is to be fun and make people smile. Nobody's profiting from it. Although if Google wanted to write me an appreciation check, I wouldn't refuse. ;)
+1 Einstein See his feed all the time on G+. Good thing he wasn't at his prime today he would be flipping burgers @ +McDonald's .
Kab Yaj
I've noticed lately that the Bieber and Brittany are trending so G+ may be heading a little to the left.
Hi, Rehanna I am your friend from india . i am hollywood singar . now what is your hobby .
I think the What's Hot may be skewed based on what cookies have been placed on your browser based on your search or browsing habits. For example I just looked and found 5 posts about Photography in the list before the More link. I did however see Einstien in the list but he was beat out by 2 posts containing Batman which should make you happy +Dustin W. Stout As for the trying to compare what's talked about more based on the "Trending Topic" list as some who have rather abusively tried to do, I think that is an inaccurate measure. I don't see someone posting "I Love Beiber" or "Lady GaGa wore another meat dress" as actual conversation and I think if you could actually dig in and get a true picture of what people were talking about on the 3 networks you would find its likely Tech and Politics on Google+, Celebrity Gossip on Twitter, and Family Drama on Facebook, which with the exception of Rihanna your meme hits pretty close in my opinion...then again, if you look at the Chris Brown domestic stuff I guess you hit it out of the park.
With that said, this post is why I stick to FB. What's the point of posting something intended to bring joy and laughter just to have a group of people deconstruct and analyze it, and become beligerant and demand facts and data to back up what was obviously just a personal observation that you turned into a funny pic.
Well, if Einstein is the most talked about on Google, this is the place for me. Home at last.
So while we're bragging that Einstein is supposedly the most talked person on G+, Lady Gaga is on top of the trending topics for days. Yeah, we're such a smart bunch...
Man, the next time I think up a funny meme in the hopes of giving people a smile, I'll have to remember to write a disclaimer to those people who take life too seriously:

Disclaimer: This graphic was intended for entertainment value and was probably based on the humorous and slightly exaggerated observations of the creator. If your first instinct is to ask for statistics, question the accuracy, or research to prove it inaccurate, go look at some cat memes and lighten up.

And for anyone who otherwise was unaware, the Trending on Google+ is determined on an hourly basis as far as I can tell, and not necessarily long term, day-in, day-out trends. If that doesn't make sense to you than don't worry yourself over such things. It really doesn't matter. Instead, visit What's Hot On Google+ every day for a week and tell me what one person you see there the most. 
Just took a look at the What's Hot and at a glance I see Geeks, Einstein, Cricket and Photography. So.................
no chinese mainland people?walked...留个脚印!flied...
From right to left: I built the bomb that blew up Hiroshima and Nagasaki: I wish more foxy ladies would blow me and finally every man in his right mind wishes I would blow him.
Well, obviously there's a lot of 16 year olds on Twitter... talking about that girl..
"God Doesn't Play Dice".
  Love from Albert Einstein
Sono un po' scettico che sia proprio Einstein, ma sicuramente non si è parlato degli altri due! :-)
umm who are you again? why do i have you in my circle?
why are you posting guy pictures so gay
G+ has gone down hill. 
Carl Sagan had better be next, or I will be tearing some throats.

Just kidding, but that'd still be awesome. :)
That is incredible... social media trends are  nowadays lately things . Google+ , Facebook and Twitter has good engagement measurement online. Social media trends and platforms can link the world fast .... hey! 

Anyway, good post concerning latest social media trends!
 Keep up posting!
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