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Google+ Surpasses 1 Billion Users!
Look out Facebook, here we come!

Yesterday it was revealed that Google+ has quietly surpassed the 1 Billion user mark. This is very exciting news-- how could I not create an #infographic  for that?

I also shared my thoughts on the numbers here:

These numbers only represent the number of registered users, as opposed to the number of active users. While the real test of a successful social network is in it's active user numbers, the registered user numbers are nothing to take lightly.

What are your thoughts on this new data?

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I agree +Dustin W. Stout, I'm much more interested in the number of active users on Google+. This is a big milestone though and I love how Google completely downplayed it... Everything they do has a reason behind it.
With one billion users (registered), it is much easier to share via email a G+ post with your lagging FB friends , because they can easily click on it and get through to see it. Once inside G+, watch out. They may be astonished by Google+'s elegant "buzziness" and advertising-free zones. They certainly will realize that concentration is easier here. BTW, click on that green quotation mark, FB friend, and launch a hangout. You may never return to MyBook, I mean FaceSpace, I mean Facebook. Haha.
And THAT'S why I keep coming back to using Google+ as my primary platform!
Love it! And we know LinkedIn is in the midst there at around 200 million users.

As I mentioned yesterday on other threads, it's not the numbers that impress me so much as the rate of growth. To reach this much activity and this large of a user base in such a short time is a testament how special this network is.

Thanks +Dustin W. Stout! 
You have to be careful on what's meant by "Google+".  Google has somewhat of a different definition than those of us using the social stream do.  We tend to think of the social stream as G+, while Google sees G+ as an identity service that's part of all Google products, of which the social stream is just a tag along feature.

What we want to know is how many active users are on the social stream.
+Chris Harpner that's absolutely right, and why the specific number isn't as important to me as the trend. There's also many reasons not to trust specific numbers from other networks, but trend up down or indifferent can be analyzed and valued.
Purely anecdotal of course, but I've been noticing a lot of notifications lately about friends now joining G+. You, +Dustin W. Stout?
Its odd that almost everyone I know is on FB, and is on or at least has had some dealings with Twitter and Instagram and yet they are still not on G+ or very interested in making the swtich to G+ - or even not heard of it!

Likewise for businesses, where I see less of a presence or even a means to contact or share with them viz G+

Is Google just counting gmail accounts/users instead of actual G+ users?
This becomes even more interesting when we look at the trend data showing how fast adoption for G+ is climbing. 
I love G+. It's perhaps the only social network I've been committed to. It has come such a long way since they were doing the closed beta and has evolved a lot in such a short time span. 
Facebook is in for a rude awakening.  Sooner or later Google+ will overtake Facebook.  If a way can be found to transfer all your Facebook friends to Google+......then, I don't have to tell you would could happen.  A full-scale migration of Facebook users to Google+. !!@@!!
and yet people still think g+ is a ghost town.  Its truely, truely, truely outrages haha.  i enjoyed what I read of the article but my browser kept becoming unresponsive due to some script.
Nice one +Dustin W. Stout...
And for those out there like me who have a hard time dealing with numbers that big... I can't help sharing this video about how to vizualize $1B with a text editor:
Sorry if you've seen it already which is probable I would say  ;-)
They laughed at us in the beginning, not anymore, I like plus a whole lot more than that other thing.
The information is sent to my Facebook.
It's the place where I preach the G+ gospel.
+Dustin W. Stout Thanks for compiling. I concur with the question from +Paul Wooding. I heard the same argument last week. That it represents gmail accounts. I love G+ and rarely use Facebook (even though I'm considered an active user by them). Your thoughts?
These are registered users. Doesn't mean they are active users. And many are forced to sign up with G+ because they use any of Google's free services.
With the severe lack of engagement I have noticed over the past few months on here, that graph doesn't mean anything.
it's still a ghost town, i can't get anyone to interact with me XD
Got a pic for active users vs. registered users? That comparison would be interesting to see.  We all know G+ is pale by comparison +Candice Hanlon  but to see the growth of use vs. the continued perception that nobody is here would be refreshing if such data exists.  I see the continued monopolization/exploitation/integration of Youtube and G+ being the next order of business along those lines. Any thoughts +Dustin W. Stout ?
All I'm getting from this is.... More power to Google+!
+Brent Peterson - When I see someone who has one million + followers, and only a few hundred +1's/comments. Those numbers don't compute. 
I also see a lot of the people I follow post pictures, thoughts, videos, gifs, etc and I see only a few people who at the very least +1 the post. Barely any conversations take place within posts. And hangouts - eh!
Google+ works on the old adage that to make friends you have to be a friend.. If it's a ghost town for you, then you're not interacting enough, or in the right way.. Contribute, get active in communities on subjects you're interested in.. And watch it come alive.. It has for me! Long live Google+! 
well put +Hayden Coonan 

what still pisses me off is going to sites where if you want to comment you have to use the FB social plugin and there's no other alternative.  I think it's crap.
+Paul Wooding They most certainly are just counting the Gmail accounts as registered users. I love G+ and it is not a replacement for FB. Facebook is for your close network, G+ is for meeting people who like what you like. For sharing with like minded people. Of course G+ is growing but it certainly does not have 1billion active users, I would be surprised if it had over 250million active users. Hence Google's lack of interest in providing real analytical tools.
I don't mind so much having the Facebook sign in.. They, for a long time (drawing to an end though!) have been and are the largest social media network..

What gets me frustrated.. Is when Twitter is the other alternative.. Anyone aware of the market would update to recognise the 3/2/1 and add g+ sign in in place of Twitter! 
+Dustin W. Stout I think this is great news either way.

So, what if Google integrated it's social platforms with Google+ beyond a login and id?

For instance, why shouldn't Youtube videos show as posts and activity in the Google+ stream and be considered Google+ activity? It should at least be an option when posting the video especially now that Youtube comments require a G+ account.
+Ben White - g+ has +CircleCount and other analytical tools.. They do have an active user count that is still 2nd overall - Google it.. ;)

I quit Facebook a few months ago - sure, not all my friends and family moved over to G+ like I would've liked them to, but there were communication mediums before Facebook (and there'll be there long after!).. G+ has opened up a whole new world to me.. I don't regret making the change! 
+Hayden Coonan You don't need to tell me it's second, I am not an enemy to G+'s state. I love it, just stating a fact that it is the gmail accounts. I work with Google UK everyday and am well aware of CircleCount etc. YouTube's analytics are tremendous, they should roll out something similar here so strategists like myself can proof ROI to clients easier. 

Like I said previously the two networks are totally different. It isn't a choice between one or the other, one is for your close network the other connects you to the world. Good to chat :)
I support +Ben White saying that G+ and FB are different. I use both for different means and different contents and I would not like to merge them. Numbers are clear and G+ will continue to grow, for sure. But I don't think that FB will decrease.
For anyone to compare G+ and FB, they do not know social media. They are completely different. I was only comparing the two to get a perspective on active engagement. And from my experience on here, it is lacking. 
I'm still calling BS on this, +Dustin W. Stout. Until Google releases official numbers, all you're doing is pushing misinformation.
I'm more apt to believe independent analysis +Aaron Wood, though I take all such numbers as approximations only. 
+Mike Allton, the problem is, a high percentage of people are taking this as concrete fact. No approximation at all.
+Mike Allton  hit the nail on the head early in this thread when he pointed out that it is the trend and not the absolute number that matters here. The data suggests the gap has narrowed vs data we have seen in the past.

We should take the data for what it is, an update on social media user registrations, and nothing more.
+Chris Harpner mentioned this earlier in the comments but I'd like to ask again. Does anyone have the numbers for the social network users? Or is it impossible to distinguish between these users and the people who use only gmail or docs?
If u have a Google account... Gmail, YouTube, you also have a G+ account. MILLIONS don't know, or don't care, that they are "registered". I haven't been on G plus in forever because of BS posts like this. Please. Get a life, people!!
BTW, millions of people are registered to vote and never do. Same here. Millions have G+ accounts and don't know it, or could give two shits.
+Chad Lerch well since there is an apple logo in the background of your picture you are already failing at life in multiple ways
There is an interesting article on FB that shows global daily and monthly active user growth since 2011.

Takeaway from article, in North America growth has pretty much stalled since 2011. In contrast, growth from Asia and other parts of the world have more than doubled. In 2011 North America and Europe made up 2/3 of FB users now they are less than half. 

My two cents. A billion registered users on G+ is meaningful no matter what they are doing, that is called potential. The inactive people now have one foot in the door to using Google+ and most do not even know it. As for FB who knows what is going to happen. One possibility however is that the new users from Asia and the rest of the world will grow tired and bored with FB like the other parts of the world that have been using FB for sometime. 
Great conversations here people! Sorry for being absent this far, I am waiting to get locked down to my desk to properly respond to some of you.

That being said, it's still astonishing to me how many people like to comment and give their opinions on things they haven't even read. It shows. 
OMG! i won't wait to embed this in to my blog :)))))))))))) celebration time :D +Google+ 
Awesome! I can't wait till FB becomes obsolete!  Go +Google+ Go!
As I always say, Google+ is a sleeping giant. It's a channel that should not be dismissed or ignored.
This number is a wild guess, and not official or even verifiable.
Regarding G+ activity, probably 2/3 of the posts I send are one-to-one messages or shares to selected circles consisting of small groups of friends or family, almost like email, but better. They are virtually invisible to the masses. I only post a few things to the "public", mainly photos which I consider have a wide appeal. If this is true of other G+ users, which I assume it is, the actual unseen activity must be massive. My incoming stream of public posts from the mere 4K people I follow is virtually non-stop.

And to top it off, the majority of this nonstop stream is full of compelling content. And then there's the communities! It's endless.
The number of active users on G+ is what I'm interested in, even though the number of registered users is nothing to sneeze at - 1.01billion in 27 months, amazing!! Thanks for creating the cool infographic +Dustin W. Stout :)
Ke Zeng
I love Google+. But a registered Google+ user can be as simple as a gmail user. So I think this number can be misleading.
A lot of my original contacts on G+ have abandoned their G+ profile. Sure they are still registered but their posts have stopped. 
Indeed an interesting discussion here. Nice infographic +Dustin W. Stout!

Reshared in the bigger network :D
Nice infographic +Dustin W. Stout Happy with those numbers, but we all know it's all about great Google+ users who make this platform superior :)
This is what I say to my clients:

Facebook & Twitter: People that already know you
G+ / YouTube: People that SHOULD know you.

Great post +Dustin W. Stout
just as everyone else said 'active users will be very, very low'
can I repost this on Facebook...pretty please!...
Just wait until all the youtube commentors start converting.  I think that'll be the tipping point.
What a great debate +Dustin W. Stout great post and I think people would be better served if they read your actual post before commenting. Nice work and great debate everyone. I have some thoughts written down about digital on 
+Willy Goncalves Thanks for that info, (surprised face) Do you have the report handy? i'll verify this when i'm next in with G+ team in the UK. 
+Willy Goncalves thanks again. I responded to your comment on +Mike Elgan's share. 

These are all such marginally vague numbers though that we're working with that I doubt it really matters. Theres a fair amount of "guestimation" in all of the studies being done. So I guess the point is to not take the numbers as gospel, but as one measurement of many. 
+Jason Lepper Most definitely. I want to work more with G+ on strategies for brands, so brilliant sharing your content in targeted communities. G+ looks more impressive and across devices works better. I also believe G+ is better for building for communities, with FB's closed network etc. All in all Google just get us some analytics to demonstrate! Nice to e-meet!
+Willy Goncalves Thanks for the post. Sorry to be difficult but it does indeed say 190million are now active on G+ and 390million across Google. It's neither here nor there, I love the platform and didn't realise every man and his dog had an opinion on the networks. You learn something new everyday.
I love the google+ look and feel and just wish I could build an audience there. It's a much more attractive place to be than FB or Twitter or tumblr
+Ben White yea-- I really wish people would read before commenting too. Intelligent conversations are so much more fun.
+Dustin W. Stout Without doubt man. Nice informative post, then again I always like crunching through your content. 
With all the fake profiles on fb, I would expect them to be less than g+ in accounts.
+Willy Goncalves Really like your point, however a user has actually created a Facebook profile, regardless of where they then continue to be an active user. Google+ accounts however coincide with a Gmail account being created, the user not even aware they have a G+ or indeed a YouTube channel. I believe G+ is superior it is just statistical fact FB is currently stronger when it comes to engagement. YouTube's fan base coming in at an extremely strong second. With G+ Twitter and instagram respectively following. The integration with YT, and as Google head towards Google One will see G+ the platform soar. And for that I can't wait :)
And to think we are in the nascent stage of not only social media but it's impact on business and relationships.
I would have never guessed that Google Plus has more users than Twitter. That's great! I feel like Tumblr should be on this list though
And in addition to what you said +Willy Goncalves there's no way to count the Automated Facebook Profiles of which there are an absurd amount. 

One of the bitter sweet realities of Google+ is there's no API for people to automate profiles with. But with Facebook, Twitter, and the others, the APIs exist and are being used to create automated accounts like crazy. 
+Philip Murphy I totally agree. I think when people are at least encouraged to use their real names people are less likely to just throw terrible comments around. It will all work so nicely together in 6months to a year
Can you say "Single Sign-on", boys and girls?  A good chunk of these billion users don't even know they're users—wrangled into a G+ account just because they signed up for YouTube, GMail, or whatever.

The roar from the Google+ Hate Camp/Ghost Town Advocates that goes over the rooftops on how much it sucks is loud enough as it is these days, and those folks don't need any more ammunition to prove they're right.

Don't get me wrong.  I love G+.  But I would really hate to see stuff like this cheerleading about data that may or may not be so great continue to get bandied about 'round these parts, when frankly, the user interface being super slow and the streams being weird due to algorithms/whatnot/nerd magic and Hangout/Google Talk products merger have really slowed down my enjoyment of the experience overall...and I know I'm not alone in this.

Keep calm and keep G+ing.  We can help make it better.

NOTE: Yes, I read the entire blog post, just my 2¢.
It's impressive . Now people need to start being engaged.
Facebook is the Soapbox where as Google + is the water cooler.
+Christian Maulsby It seems a little odd to call FB the soapbox and G+ the watercooler.  On FB I interact with a small set of people I know well - I have met every single one in real life multiple times - and I discuss things of interest specifically to that group.  G+ (and even more so YT) is a topic-based platform to interact with strangers, often asserting a POV.  To my mind, that inverts your claim.

Ironically, a good example is your last post.  It is clearly an impersonal declaration being megaphoned to the world....
+Mike Richmond my last post was impersonal and megaphone? Crazy that an inspirational video about a disabled person is me on a soapbox. I thought it was totally appropriate for the Inspire community.
My point is that Facebook is often far less interactive than google +. You may
be interacting with friends and family but users are far more topic driven here.
If I were running a campaign or sharing a community message Id be ok Facebook. If I were trying to get an intelligent discussion started about that campaign or community message Id be on google +.
Facebook can't compare to the actual substance on google + in my opinion.
Just take a look at your wall and compare it to your google + homepage. I'd be willing to bet that your wall holds far less substance.
And as for the water cooler .... I relate google plus more to a water cooler than a soapbox. I hang at the water cooler with my peers and colleagues not necessarily my friends. 
Good point, but for me, G+ has been a place at which I found so many who I consider friends. I've met over 100 in person as well (there'll be many more) through here.
+Bobbi Jo Woods I absolutely agree and did not mean to suggest that I don't find legitimate friends on Google plus.
In fact I find that I discover new friends and new people far more frequently on Google plus that I would on Facebook. Facebook for me is a collection of current friends, family and acquaintances.
Facebook friends - often people I meet in person, then make a Facebook friend.
Google plus has been the opposite experience. I'll meet on google plus then establish an "in person" relationship. 
+Christian Maulsby My hunch is that we have different experiences of fb and of google+.  We probably have different experiences of water coolers and soapboxes as well. 

In my world, the soapbox is a place where people go who passionately care about important (to them) topics, and they broadcast those views from the soapbox - engaging directly with the feedback or disdain of the immediate community, with whom they don't have a pre-existing relationship.

The watercooler is a space where I share gossip with people I know already.  That gossip is tangential to my core goals, but it may inform them, and provide useful, serendipitous insights that I wouldn't get from the formal engagement of meetings and desk discussions.

I don't think that either fb or google+ maps neatly onto either the soapbox or the watercooler model. 
+Dustin W. Stout, +Paul Wooding, +Brent Peterson, +Ben White, +Kevin Carney, +Chad Lerch   

From the official Google blog in Dec 2012:

More than 500 million people have upgraded  ¦ Doesn't say what upgrade means.
235 million are active across Google (+1'ing apps in Google Play, hanging out in Gmail, connecting with friends in Search...)
135 million are active in just the stream

So how come 135M on December became 343M on January? 

Don't misunderstood me I love +Google+ but the growth numbers just don't fit and Google is crystal clear on that active users are measured in Google in general not in G+. 

The link in case you have any second thoughts:
Christian I have no answer on that.

The thing is that Google remain silent after that blog post back on Dec 2012. So this is almost one year old and just wondering If they had reach 1Billion users they would post... Nothing?!? 

What I know is that Google automatically forces a default g+ profile creation even for users that have never ever hear of the G+ medium.

So for me this answers many question-marks for the numbers that are presented. My comment is that indeed gmail has many users but not G+.

Glad you found value on my comment +Kevin Carney and you +Christian Maulsby 
190 million! That's a sizable increase since the 136 mil in December
Thank you +CircleCount for pointing out this post and for adding useful credible informations. 
+CircleCount Great info thanks
I just spent a week at a conference primarily made up of women. 98% of the 13,000 people only used Facebook as a marketing/communications tool.
A lot of women I spoke with just found it unsettling to friend/follow strangers. That is where Facebook has serious consumer value... Fewer degrees of separation.
Real life interaction is why they Facebook friend. Vs virtual interactions. 
Oh no not at all, just tried to be polite but it looks like I over reacted. Anyway I really appreciate your input +CircleCount  
Great +George Konstantakopoulos
Just wanted to get sure since it's easy to get misunderstood when you don't speak the language fluently.
Next time sta ellinika ;)
I have to wonder if they've folded all YouTube users into that, now that YouTube commenting REQUIRES a G+ identity of some sort, whether it's your "main" G+ profile or an autogenerated Page if you wish to keep your G+ and YouTube personas distinct.

y'know...lies, damned lies, and statistics and all...
Now it's time for G+ to cash in and put some ads on G+.
Where did these numbers come from? What's your source? Every single recent source says that the number of users hasn't even surpassed 600 million as yet.
how many of the registered are active and even more important REAL users?
that's the question. too many fakies here on G+. not good - not good at all +Dustin W. Stout   ;-)
Google+ is not catching up to Facebook. The reason why there has been an increase in Google+ users, has been due to the fact that Google accounts are synced up with many different services, YouTube being one example. However not many people actually use Google+ for it's social capabilities, they use it because they are forced to. The creators of Google+ realized it was a failure so instead they boosted their numbers on paper by making it a service that is connected with other things. In summarization, Google has fabricated a false sense of success so that they don't completely destroy their image by putting out a product that couldn't compete with other products like it that were on the market. 
+Karl Louis well that was answered here - < and keep in mind the data is old and limited. As with all social network data, we never really know how they're calculating things. As to the fake user problem, Google+ isn't anywhere close to the number of fake/automated/spam accounts on Facebook and Twitter. 

+Isaac Bourgoin clearly you didn't read the full post and have some sort of aggression towards Google+. Whatever the reason, it's best not to comment on things that you really don't know much about. 
+Dustin W. Stout thanks for your answer. better late than not at all.
It's also true that G+ removes fake accounts quite regurarly, which is good.
I do have evidence though that some users have up to 30 or more "active" profiles and even more pages and (what a surprise) they are the most prominent members of the circle sharing mafia.
+Dustin W. Stout  I actually don't have animosity towards Google+, I have always thought that Google has been a great company, and even in the market crash they were still able to somewhat hold on to their numbers, which is impressive for anyone in that situation. I apologize if I came across angry, I just personally think that Google+ has a lot more potential to be better than what it is now.
+Karl Louis yea, those people need to be stopped. Some day they'll grow up and realize how useless their activity actually is. 
I don't think you realize how many ACTUAL users there are. Google plus is forcing people to make accounts in order for them to use their services. YouTube is a great example of this. I mean this site is a joke compared to Facebook if you look at Google trends.
+Dustin W. Stout thanks for more ammunition when I'm out evangelizing for G+.  I know that once I landed here, all the other social networks paled by comparison.  _Now to keep spreading the word_
Again, I implore you to look at Google Trends, stop being ignorant. Compare Facebook to Google+. Its not even close. Take this post down.
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