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Which Social Media Platform is Best for Real Estate Agents?

Most business owners know they need a social media presence. But which networks are the most important?

For a Real Estate Agent, there are only 5 top social networks you should be considering to get the most out of your social media marketing. In this post, we break down those platforms and give the pros and cons of each.

Do you know which social networks are the best for Real Estate Agents?

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Very happy to hear this from +Leo Deegan. Looking forward to the updates. ο»Ώ
What's new with Google+

Hey there Plussers! I'm your friendly neighborhood Server Eng Manger, and I wanted to take a little time to tell you some of the great things the G+ team is working on. As always, we listen carefully to your feedback, and in the coming months, we'll be focusing on your most highly requested areas of improvement, including:

β€’ Better spam control
β€’ Enhanced community moderation
β€’ Improvements to the web user experience
β€’ More intuitive navigation and discovery
β€’ Cleaner notifications

And more that we'll reveal as they become available ;)

We've heard your desire to stay informed about G+ product updates. Going forward, you can expect to hear more from me; our Product Managers, like +John Nack, our Program Managers, like +Carter Gibson; and Community Managers, like +Leanne Osborne and +Madeleine DeRome. We'll try our best to reply to questions and keep you up to date on all the great progress.


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19 Favorite Tools for Content Promotion in 2017 (

What good is content that doesn't get promoted? Answer: no good at all.

Equipping yourself and your website or blog with the right promotion tools makes all the difference. +Sujan Patel does a great job at rounding up some of the best must-haves:

⁍ +BuzzSumo
⁍ Optin Monster
⁍ +Social Warfare

There are 19 recommendations in total, so have a look at the full article linked below via +Content Marketing Institute. You're sure to find something new you haven't tried yet!

Any tools that you couldn't live without that weren't mentioned?

#marketing #socialmedia #contentmarketingο»Ώ

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What are all the Social Media Images Sizes You Need to Know?
They're fewer than you might think! (

You can flat out lose your mind trying to keep up with all the exact sizes and dimensions for all the social network images. πŸ˜“

That's silly. Especially for those of us who actually work for a living.

No, we've got better things to do than to memorized a billion different pixel dimensions. Because of that, I created these 4 social media image templates that are free for you to download and use.

Templates included are:

πŸ“ 1920x1080
πŸ“ 1080x1080
πŸ“ 735x1080
πŸ“ 1200x628

There would only need to be three sizes, but Facebook decided it wants to be stubborn and force everyoen to use its sill 1.91:1 image ratio. If your workflow is refined enough though, with these templates it should not be that difficult.

Hope you enjoy them and they save you a crap-ton of time creating social media images.

#socialmedia #visualcontent #templatesο»Ώ

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Here's the 2017 State of Digital Marketing [#Infographic] (

What are the hottest trends? Where are professional marketers spending their time and energy? How much is the average PPC campaign spend?

All these questions and more answered on this awesome infographic from +HubSpot.

Some of the most fascinating finds:

πŸ“Š Less than half of #SEO companys do NOT perform audits for new clients. (What?!)
πŸ“Š 31% of marketers running #SocialMedia campaigns track Conversions but somehow only 15% are tracking traffic? πŸ˜•
πŸ“Š 41% said Blog Posts are the most effective form of #ContentMarketing for bringing in Leads.

So many more good things in the full infographic. Check it out by clicking throgh the link below!


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If you've ever wanted to learn about #typography, this is a great place to start. ο»Ώ

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A Practical Look at Turning Your Blog into a Functioning Business (

One of the best things I ever did was start #blogging. It has completely changed my life in more positive ways than I can articulate.

It's now been over 6 years I've been blogging. 3 years since I could legitimately call myself a "professional blogger".

If I had to start all over again, I would do many of the things listed in this article from +ProBlogger. The biggest points include:

πŸ‘πŸ» Don't do it alone - you need help, and you need a support system of other bloggers who will lift you up. (shameless plug:
πŸ‘πŸ» Develop your monetization strategy - you don't just fall into one. Plan it with intentional strategy.
πŸ‘πŸ» Understand the accounting - or just make sure you hire an accountant who can educate you. Admittedly, I'm still not super knowledgeable in this, but that's why I have a great CPA who keeps me informed and on-track.

If you're a professional blogger or aspiring to be one, bookmark this blog post for future reference and read through it a few times.ο»Ώ

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9 Clever Ways to Get More Comments on Instagram (

It's obvious that Instagram is a powerful place to grow your brand. With its now 700 Million users (600M of those being active monthly) there is great opportunity for any brand to gain a lot of exposure using the platform.

However, it's no walk in the park to generate engagement. Just like any #SocialMedia platform worth its salt, it takes work and knowledge of the platform culture ( to be successful.

In the post below, +HubSpot gives some GREAT advice on reaching a wider audience by adding some organic action in your post's comments section.

Some of the most important points:

πŸ”΄ Just ask (seems obvious, but most don't)
πŸ”΄ Use humor, surprise, or be provocative (not controversial, just grab people's emotion in a positive way)
πŸ”΄ Use the right hashtags (between 10-30)

Are you on Instagram? If so, leave a comment below!

#instagram #socialmedia #marketingο»Ώ

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Free download: A go-to resource for the most up-to-date social media logos.ο»Ώ

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8 Tactics for Increasing Your Twitter Reach (
Stuff you should know, but may not be doing

Many of these tips seem standard best practices, apart from maybe the Twitter Advanced Search tip. That's one many people aren't taking advantage of.

However the rest of these tips from +Social Media Today should be a good reminder to get back to the basics of building a successful following on Twitter.

🐦 Know your audience (listen via advanced Twitter search)
🐦 Use good hashtags
🐦 Add Calls-to-Action
🐦 Use images
🐦 Don't be a robot (be personal, be human)

What other #twitter tips would you add to this list?

#socialmedia #marketingο»Ώ
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