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Dustin W. Stout

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Fun with animations. 
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Not Olympic ready.
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Dustin W. Stout

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By far, the best Tracy Morgan impression ever done. Holy crap! lolz
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Dustin W. Stout

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Do you know if you social media effort is paying off? This guide will help.

This guide is all you need to determine if your Social Media effort is paying off.

Using this guide you can identify your most effective social networks and decide where you place your efforts moving forward.

Read the full post for more.
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nice tu
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Dustin W. Stout

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Because nerd humor is the best humor no. 36
Batman v. Superman

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Nerd Humor Rules 
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Dustin W. Stout

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Chrome Web Browser Notifications
Today we’re rolling out the ability to get Google+ notifications in the Chrome Web browser. In order to enable this feature, you’ll have to turn on the Google+ Web notifications setting and give your Web browser permission to send you notifications from (illustrated in the image).

You don't have to be on to get these notifications. General Chrome browser notification settings can be managed under Content Settings in Chrome.

As always, please send us any ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item to ensure we see them.

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Dustin W. Stout

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Stop Doing These Things to Immediately Improve Your Pinterest Success

If you are a blogger, there is HUGE potential for Pinterest to send you boat loads of traffic. That traffic, I've found, is high-quality traffic that not only converts, but helps to spread your messages further for longer.

There are many things that I see bloggers doing that they believe will get them ahead on Pinterest. After years of studying and learning from people like +Peg Fitzpatrick, +Rebekah Radice, +Jeff Sieh, +Kim Vij and others, I've learned a number of things, at least, that I know for certain you should not be doing.

So this list is the cumulation of either practices I see people doing, advice that I see people giving, or things I've tried that just didn't work.

Are there any other things I should have added to the list?

#blogging   #socialmedia   #pinterest  
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I dnt think so
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Dustin W. Stout

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My first time exploring 3D Touch and I find this "Teleport" feature on the #Periscope app. Firstly, this seems like a dangerous idea, especially since there's no way to choose a destination. Secondly, how do I get back to Bakersfield from here? 
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Dustin W. Stout

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The latest version of the iOS app is sluggish and constantly freezing. Anybody else encountering this?
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Feed and notifications feed bot freeze for a while after first loading. 
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Dustin W. Stout

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#PetPeeve - Stupid Iconography

From time to time I come across #WordPress themes that have fancy iconography all over the place. One particular use I see of icons in theme design is when you hover over an image. You've probably seen this before...

You hover over an image, it gets darker and an icon (or icons) pops up over top of it indicating you can interact further with the image.

But for some reason it's like theme designers have no idea what icons to use for action icons on images.

In the example I've uploaded below, this theme produces a magnifying glass icon when you hover over the featured image of a blog post. When you click on this image/icon, you go to the full blog post.

That doesn't make any sense.

Magnifying glass icons are used to communicate two actions:

1. Search
2. Zoom (because... magnifying glass!)

Other times I've seen any of the following icons used (stupidly):

- Plus signs
- Curved arrows
- Chain links

Iconography, like all design elements, should have clear purpose to communicate, enhance or clarify a message. If you can't figure out why a design element is being used and whether it's communicating the right thing-- don't freaking use it.

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Damn the iconoclasts!
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Dustin W. Stout

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Haha! I just thought it was funny that they made this to give out with the recommended use of uploading it to comments on Google+. lol

You can bet though that as soon as Facebook supports GIFs in comments, I'll be using this frequently. lol
Now that you can add images, links, and (most importantly) GIF's to your comments, here's a +1 GIF to use for all those times the +1 button alone just doesn't cut it.

To save this GIF, drag it to your desktop or right-click and 'Save As'. You can then attach it to any comment you wish.
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nice one
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Dustin W. Stout

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Join me on +Geeks Life with +Luria Petrucci and +David Foster as we watch and comment on the #AppleEvent  LIVE right now!
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So much fun. 
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Dustin W. Stout

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Visual content is an increasingly important part of any social media strategy-- here's how to make it NOT suck:
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Great tips Dustin! Thank you for sharing.
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Currently the Chief Marketing Officer of Weal Media. I am a web designer, branding enthusiastblogger and social media junkie. Creativity is my fuel, social media is my game, and Jesus is my homie.

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"Crafting creative ideas and turning them into visual and verbal brilliance. I help individuals and brands excel online through design and social media integration, strategy, and execution."

For consulting, contact me here.

I mainly post about Social Media, Creativity, Design, and Branding. I've also been dubbed a Google+ Scholar (whatever that means). So if you're having trouble getting the most out of Google+ then feel free to ask me questions! I may not have all the answers, but odds are I at least know someone who does!

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