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Dustin Smith
He must increase. I must decrease.
He must increase. I must decrease.

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Dustin Smith hung out. #hangoutsonair

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Must read article, "Prepare Yourselves: Facebook To Be Profoundly Changed" -
Carrboro, North Carolina

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Rumor is...Google Wallet launch is imminent. Maybe as soon as tomorrow.

Don't have an NFC enabled smartphone? No worries. Google has a solution for you..."Special Stickers Will Bring Google Wallet To Android Phones That Lack NFC"

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This just in... MOG is pretty cool. You can hear any song or album for free! Check it out: #music

I'd like Google+ to have more implementation with other Google products.

A few suggestions:
- A user's YouTube videos are included under videos in their profile.
- Rather than a 'Like' or 'Share' feature in Google Reader, replace them with a +1 button that's connected with users' Google+ profiles.
- If/when 'events' show up in Google+, make them seamlessly translate to Google Calendar.
- A user's Google+ Circles should also exist in Gmail contacts for easy group emails/messages, and within Android phone contacts for easy group text messaging.
- Can we get the black Google bar on the top of YouTube as well?

More ideas to come...

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