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The party is caught in a Ley Line storm, players trade characters with the player on their left. The effects are temporary so only a session or two till they revert back

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Drowned War #13: The Elephant
The Elephant (WC) Sometimes a battle looks like it has a life of its own. Large creatures that cultivate and defend small algae farms, they are a pacifist by nature but if their food supply is threatened they attack with a ferocity unseen by many. Literally...

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Tonight's topic might be of some interest to you RIFTS fans

We'll be dealing with Sci Fi


While traveling the party comes across a floating robot proclaiming "Follow me" and "Eat at Joe's"

If the party follows they are lead to an abandoned strip mall where bandits ambush them.

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Aethercon VI: Only one spot available
Business runs at the speed of trust, if you double cross your employer it ceases to be business. It's Personal  


The Tomorrow Legion is expanding, rogue scholars and rogue scientists have discovered archaic technology that can relay signals between settlements.

Trouble begins when the party is sent to rescue an operator trapped in one of the towers by a ley line storm.

As the party approaches they discover the structure assaulted by hyper aggressive people that appear to have a liquid shadow on them.

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Well that's cool


+Murder Hobo Show​, this one's for you.

While on a diplomatic mission a travelling road show consisting of exotic food trucks pulls into town. There are ancient, and foreign delicacies being sold.

1. From the Chitown burbs, a red and white truck selling something called "hotdogs". Is it a sandwich? Is it a wrap? Who knows.

2. From New Quebec, the Glitter Gourge 3000. A shiny Glitterboy with a Red Maple Leaf emblazoned upon the chest. Be astonished as it serves the public with it's poutin cannon.

3. From parts unknown sample grilled dinosaur. Burgers and kebabs to make your mouth water.

4. Marvel at the latest in food prep techno-wizard devices to come from the Federation of magic.

The party can sample the food, maybe even buy some equipment. After the festival is over the trucks pack up and leave.

Some of the villagers will notice a few of their ranks missing, the town mayor or sheriff will ask the players if they know anything about the disappearances.

M.A.R.S. Street Level Super Hero
Anti-Heroes, unlucky clods, and friendly neighborhood defenders these supers aren't demigods.
While experienced Four Color Supers are glorious powerhouses of a bygone era these flawed characters provide both a gritty backstory and a flexible power set.

Hero's Journey: 3 rolls on any tables, except Magic & Mysticism and Psionics. Unless the power-points edge is taken during creation Techno-Wizard equipment is unusable due to a lack of PPE and or ISP.

M.A.R.S. fortune and Glory Table: 3 rolls

Seasoned: begin play at Seasoned Rank with 4 advances as a normal M.A.R.S. character.

Innate Power: In conjunction with being a M.A.R.S. character the Player Character gains the Arcane Background Super Powers from the Super Powers Companion. The character is Street Fighter Power Point Build, starting with 30 Power Points and a Power Limit of 10.

Anti-Heroes: Street Level Heroes aren't paragons of virtue, they have to make hard choices and people get hurt. Characters do not have access to the Super Karma rule.

Comic Book Backstory: Super heroes can take the edges and hindrances from the Super Powers Companion, such as The Best There Is, Team Player, and Terminally Ill.

Mystically Flexible: Supers cannot use traditional magic or psionics based powers, but may take the Point-points edge during character creation in order to utilize Techno-Wizard devices.

Simplified Aesthetics: Supers can be any race, but they must be Human for purposes of character creation. To simplify, consider taking the Alien Form or Distinct Appearance during creation.

Cybernetics Edge: Street Level Supers can get cybernetics installed as normal and are subject to the strain penalties of a regular human. They may not take the Upgradable Edge or Beyond the Limit

Gear: Choose one gear package from any other Iconic Framework (including other M.A.R.S. packages).

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Showcase Sunday

So seeing as the Savage Rifts annual was recently released and my Splicers conversion was included I decided to work a character build. Host Armor pilot is a Power Armor Jock that utilizes Host Armor, Host armor has a strain that can be spent on biotech upgrades similar to a Techno warrior.

Warren Worthington: Archangel
During the siege of Tolkeen Warren was pulled through a Rift by the Mages seeking aid defending the city. Warren agreed, at first hoping they would return him home. After the city fell he abandoned his quest to return and sought out an organization that was in line with his code of honor.

Warren Worthington (Archangel)
Splicers Host Armor Pilot

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8

Skills: Notice d8, Healing d6, Survival d8, Fighting d10, Piloting d10, Shooting d8

All Thumbs: -2 when using regular technology (not biotech)
Animal Handling: -2 to interact with most animals
Major Habit: Raw Meat
Bloodthirsty and Outsider
Minor habit: Sleep
Code of Honor
Death Wish
Vengeful (minor)

Host Armor Pilot,
Hard to kill, Nerves of Steel, Brawny Edge,
Charismatic, Charge, Combat Ace, Danger Sense

Reinforced Wings (Str+d8+2 MDC, AP4, Fighting +1)
Carnivore Host Armor
8,000 Creds

Bioware: Strain: (10)
Regeneration (4) Automatically heals 2 wounds per day and gains the hard to kill edge
Wing pack (6) pace 96 (240 mph), -4 to hit while flying, climb of 4, Wings are reinforced to becoming Melee weapons (Str+d8 MDC, AP4)

M.A.R.S. Fortune & Glory
Vigorous and Tough
Smart and Learned
Strong and Powerful

M.A.R.S. Advances:
Agility d8
Combat Ace
Rich: Close Combat, wings

Hero’s Journey
Extra Dense armor
Exceptional crafting

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