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So last night, I heard about SOPA on Marketplace (and wasn't particularly pleased with the coverage). Then I heard about it on the NPR evening new break. Today, there was a segment on Morning Edition. And it was on the front page of the Chicago Tribune (I didn't read it - I expect the coverage there was biased toward content owners!).

I'm impressed!

Here's a decent summary of the bill, for the record.
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The worst part of these types of bills is that they never accomplish what they are supposed to accomplish. They typically only set up inconveniences for law abiding citizens, and set up tiny road block for the offenders that simply get driven over.

SOPA will stop piracy in the same way that Prohibition stopped people from drinking, The War on Drugs stopped drugs, and DCMA stopped.... piracy.
+1 especially to the last four words. DMCA was bad, but we swallowed the pill and we've learned to live with it. It didn't stop piracy. When you find yourself in a hole, STOP DIGGING.
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