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I test drove a 556 hp / 550 ft-lbs Cadillac CTS-V today. Wow! THIS will be the 4-door replacement for my beloved Vette :-)
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Dustin, the new Cadillac models for 2013 with "Cadillac User Experience" are running MontaVista GNU/Linux, with what MV calls its "secure virtualization" approach. Very cool!
Note in the head units, Ford = Windows CE (Microsoft's "MyTouch" or "Sync"), GM = Linux going forward. GM is going to rebrand "Cadillac User Experience" and roll it out across the whole fleet. Both, of course, continue to run a variety of other OSes on the various subsidiary processors. For example, OnStar is QNX.
MV implies SE Linux protection for "OEM Custom Apps" in its published model diagram. I wonder who's writing the policies?
I'm quite looking forward to "rooting my car" one day soon. :)
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