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Review: Ubuntu and an Intel NUC
Last week, I posed a question on Google+ , looking for suggestions on a minimal physical format, x86 machine.  I was looking for something like a Raspberry Pi (of which I already have one), but really it had to be x86. I was aware of a few options out there...
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Thanks for the review. I had been eyeing these too as a possibly replacement for an old-and-not-too-healthy desktop.   
+Mark Shuttleworth sadly, no.  It does support S3/S4/S5 suspend, Wake-on-LAN, and PXE boot.  I snapped screen shots of every page in BIOS, if you want to have a look...
Ubuntu is Everywhere , This Week In Ubuntu. 
"The authentication process for IPMI 2.0 mandates that the server send a salted SHA1 or MD5 hash of the requested user's password to the client, prior to the client authenticating... Since this issue is a key part of the IPMI specification, there is no easy path to fix the problem, short of isolating all BMCs into a separate network."

Lack of IPMI is looking more like a feature at the moment.
Oh, that is interesting indeed. Have the MAAS team worked up anything for AMT or looked at it at all?
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