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This meetup is all about the tools we can use as developers so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel. 

Please join us for some food and drink while we discuss tools like Google Analytics, Leak Canary, Volley, and Fabric which includes Crashlytics, Digits, and more.

Existing Android Devs, please think of one library, SDK, API that you love that makes your life easier other than those mentioned above AND bring a developer friend!

Our hope with this meetup is that developers and those just starting out can collectively gather more knowledge about existing tools in the Android ecosystem that will in turn help us all develop amazing apps.

For those interested, there will also be a discussion about creating an Android Boilerplate project that existing and new developers can use to bootstrap their app development process.

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Hey everyone (or anyone who still checks this community), I'm giving a try for managing this group:

I'm going to try using that from here on out.

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Hey everyone, happy New Year! I'd like to plan a new meetup. Let's nail down a date and a topic. Here are some ideas I've had on potential topics:

- Cross-platform development with the Xamarin SDK
- RxJava
- Utilizing new features intoduced in Lollipop

Please either +1 a topic in the comments or suggest another.

For dates here are some options, please select one.
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Tuesday January 20th
Tuesday January 27th
Tuesday February 3rd

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This birthday just got real. #oculusrift  

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Most ironic tip of the day

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I just want to say that I find it really upsetting when I read answers on sites like Stack Overflow where the responder answers with criticism for the requester that he or she should have been able to find it on their own via Internet search or reading the docs. My advice for those people who feel so inclined but would like to try and be nice, pick one of the following options:

1. Don't bother answering the question
2. Answer the question and say something like, "if you want an additional perspective, I found this other answer on Stack Overflow that might be helpful:<link/>" or "if you want some more detailed information, there is a page in the docs that addresses this point in more detail:<link/>"

It doesn't do the coder community any bit of good to discourage those who don't know what they don't know.

Hey everyone. I'd like to plan our meetup for April and I have a few topic suggestions but I need some input from all of you. Here are the working ideas:

- How to build Chromecast enabled Android apps
- How to share 75% of your application code between Android, iOS, and Windows Phone with Xamarin
- Introduction to RxJava

Please respond to which topic you'd like or suggest another. Thanks everyone.
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