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Anyone out there used both a Nexus 4 and Galaxy S III and prefer the hardware of either one over the other?
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The difference in hardware is only the processor, am I right?
I haven't had them both at the same time so I can't accurately comment on the screen. I feel as those the Nexus takes better macro shots. And the Nexus is wider while the S3 is longer in hand. The display of the Nexus is cut off slighty by the navbar but not so intrusively. I like the Nexus over the S3 for various reasons, and if price/carrier isn't a factor I'd offer it up for people if it were available.
I have the Nexus 4 and my wife has the Galaxy S3. Hardwise wise I prefer the Nexus 4. Mostly because of the build quality, it just feels better in the hand (obviously you wouldnt want to drop it.) The camera on the GS3 is better that the N4, but the N4's camera isn't bad, it's quite good actually.
My wife has the N4 and my brother in law has the S3. Personally I prefer the N4 hardware over the S3, but the N4 lacks the storage I need and I need OTG. Still on my international One X, waiting until MWC to see what's hot this year. Though the Xperia Z is really tempting.
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