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It seems like more and more of Android is going white. Do you think it will eventually be mostly white, phasing out the black?
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It's a trend I think. Next year black might be hot again. Personally, I prefer it.
I like the white with blue accents. I think it looks a lot better on the IPS LCD of the Nexus 4. The black looked amazing on the GNex though.
Yeah, black is generally more geared towards power-saving, so it serves a purpose. Not sure it will be phased out.
+Bogdan Petrovan Mostly, yes, because in OLED panels, black pixels are off. But, from my understanding, even with LCD, black pixels draw significantly less power than white.
I do, too. But there is such thing as too much black. The solid black of Carbon for Twitter is starting to wear on me. It's a new extreme.
I think the main reason I like all the white is because it feels more Googly. 
That didn't take long. ;-) But I do agree, white does feel more Googlesque, but I don't like too much white.
Looks like the old " once you go black" thing isn't true after all... Someone had to say it! :p
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