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Where are people getting their carbon fiber backs for the Nexus 4?
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Um, pics please?!?

Edit: Or, you know, link to pics?

Edit2: Wait, a skin, or an actual carbon fiber replacement back?
That paired with a bumper feels like heaven.
Personally, I like the carbon fiber better. Leather fits the iPhone better, carbon fiber looks great on the N4.
No idea. I got the Poetic Bumper from Amazon.
Hmm. I would buy this in a heartbeat to cover the shattered back on my N4, but I have a crack going right over the camera. Kinda wanna get that fixed first.
I tripped ice skating and fell face down. It was in the same pocket as my keys and got sandwiched between the ice and my leg and got crushed. The invisibleShield is keeping all the glass in place, and it works just fine, but there's a crack right across the camera. +Ryan Mills gave me a quote to fix it, but it's a little more than I want to spend right now.

I got the Poetic bumper a while ago. It's decent, but I also got the official bumper a couple days ago and I like it muuuuch better. It looks nicer, the buttons feel better, and it's a smaller profile. The poetic sticks out just enough to make it almost impossible to do edge swipe gestures, whereas the official one doesn't get in the way at all. I'm super happy with it.
Ouch, that sucks. I think I will but the official bumper. On another note, I need to talk to Ryan about fixing an older iPhone 4 GSM. 
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