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Yes. To be more specific, they should be illegal everywhere. They are actually illegal here where I live.
All dogs are "inherently dangerous".

I think ChowChow breed should be illegal /sarcasm.

I was bit and attacked at a park as its owner was walking it off leash. I've been bit by other dogs too... usually because the owner isn't paying attention to it's pet.

Owners need to know how they're pets behave and how to control them better. Animals are animals, regardless what they can learn. If an animal feels threatened itll run or attack.
When I am out walking my dog and people come up to her, I let them know right away my dog has nails and likes to jump. Some people take this behavior as an attack, when simply my dog just loves to jump around and put her paws out.
"The year 2011 also marks an increase in pet pit bulls killing their owners. Of the 8 total instances this year in which a family dog inflicted fatal injury to its primary caretaker, the dog's owner, 88% (7) involved pet pit bulls."

And whats the dog story? I'd like to see stats how many dogs are abused, killed, and not taken care of properly... by breed.
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