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Dustin Clark
Husband, Father, Gamer, Musician, SEO and Content Strategist
Husband, Father, Gamer, Musician, SEO and Content Strategist

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This is good news.

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Little 'former occupation' table with inherent perks and a free item I threw together for LotFP.

Need Advice! I have a player who wants to buy a tavern (and manage it long term, in a long city-based campaign). Anyone know of any good resources that fit the DCC ethos for building purchase and management?

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Pretty awesome new video about Airstream's year end rebate. Cool!

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No Santas or Airstreams were harmed in the making of this campaign...

Recently ran Hole in the Sky for my local gaming group. I had read the adventure awhile ago and have been eager to use it as a kickoff funnel ever sense. Spoilers ahead...

The bridge - particular the part with the Sea Shrikes - was deadly, trimming down a quarter of the party. From there, a madwoman in the prison plan trimmed down another two (to 10 PCs now). What happened next...

The group murdered their way through the cannibals. Cur Maxima destroyed the first PC he grabbed, right after the entrance... then couldn't hit throughout the PCs ascent to the top, with their dice hot-hot-hot the whole time. They even devised means to listen and watch for him, and took sneaking swipes and sniping at him whenever they could.

Once at the top, Cur Maxima descended to unleash fury on the group. He grabbed the 0-level with the most HP (but lowest luck), and proceeded to crawl out of melee range to slowly burn-eat the poor sap. Instead, TWO crits and a few rounds later... he fell from the ceiling, dead!

+Brendan LaSalle, I can't believe my party of 0s were brave enough, dumb enough, and strong enough to slay the beast!

So in the Spellburn podcast from Gen Con (What's new with Goodman Games), Doug Kovacs mentions in the intro that +Harley Stroh and +Michael Curtis both have chapbooks in which they've written about material they've developed for DCC. How can we get out hands on these?

Does anyone know if there's a "print on demand" version of the Codex Immortalis (from Pandius)? I tried to do them myself on Lulu but got an error message on embedded fonts. 

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Super slice of brilliance. The arguments over creative vision have to stop - we are servants to the consumers. THEY decide - not us.
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