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Dustin Boyd (ckit)
Hobby C programmer and avid luser of Debian GNU/Linux
Hobby C programmer and avid luser of Debian GNU/Linux

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If you're hungry, you won't be after reading this!

In fact, you might wanna have a look at your own console...or even your entire house because if you found roaches in your console, they're in your house first, and that's a lot more worrisome in my opinion!

I really hope electric vehicles catch on in the next 10 years... I hate the smell of engine exhaust, especially from Chargers, Mustangs, etc. 🤢

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I'm all for freedom, but I agree with Marty in the last panel...

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There were permission slips in primary school for films like Schindler's List. I never understood why. I was attending school to learn, so why was permission required to educate me?

The linked article looks at both sides and ultimately arrives at its conclusion: not everything requires a specific trigger warning in all contexts, provided it is relevant to one's education.

My new desktop calculator

It's interesting how wonderful a language like Python or a Lisp dialect can be with respect to calculations. Since leaving Debian GNU/Linux for Arch Linux on 2017-04-08, I've launched GNU Guile to help with some quick number crunching at least 3-5 times, the last being just a few minutes ago to double-check that removing an erroneously entered transaction from one of my accounts in Gnucash would result in the preliminary balance reflected online, which takes into account outstanding transactions that haven't cleared. To launch the Guile interpreter, calculate things (flipping back and forth between Sway workspaces of course to verify the numbers I needed to enter), and exit the interpreter, I estimate everything took about a minute (±10s):

(- (+ current-balance erroneous-transaction-amount) (+ outstanding-1 outstanding-2 ... outstanding-N))

Of course, I used the actual amounts rather than variables. The same could be done in Python of course:

cur_bal + err_amt - sum([out1, out2, ..., outN])

While I'm not a software engineer, having learned to use such languages has clearly benefited me. And if you've never used a functional language such as Scheme (the Lisp dialect that Guile implements), I highly recommend it, though perhaps you shouldn't start with Haskell...

Aside: for entering calculations on an actual calculator, I prefer an RPN calculator (usually RealCalc Plus on my Android phone), but when I have a full-blown programming language available, I very much prefer it, especially a prefix notation language when dealing with large amounts of numbers. Of course, for more complex calculations, I still prefer infix notation, particularly when dealing with algebra, but at least programming saves me time when it comes to the simple things like the sum of a set of numbers! :-)

After using Sway WM on my fresh and new Arch install, I still think DWM is better for me, even with the problems it has.

Problems with Sway:
- The scratchpad is useless to me, not to mention I can't seem to restore a window from it to its previously tiled state.
- The way things are tiled and filed into containers makes sense, but my mind is accustomed to DWM, so seeing a third column suddenly appear in the middle of the screen because the last window I had focused was "splith" is a bit surprising. DWM would simply focus the new window into the master area and move the last window to the stack area where other windows reside. This also means output from a terminal command or even trying to edit a command line is maddening because there aren't even 40 columns available.

I'll be sticking with Sway for a while longer though. Hopefully it starts to grow on me!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to close my browser window because it's stuck in the scratchpad, where there is precious little room. T_T

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These students need to think carefully about what they're protesting. Clearly they misinterpreted things.

Also, both graduate and undergraduate students are adults, just like members of the faculty and administration; so why is engaging in normal adult behavior verboten?

Maybe one day relationships, regardless of consent or not, will be completely taboo. Oh, right... That movie Equals explored that idea (spoiler: attraction happens).

Well, if forbidding relationships between two consenting adults is a bad idea, and allowing relationships between two consenting adults is a bad idea, what other choice is left?! The things people decide sometimes.....

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I like what it chose. I'm a very happy Smart Launcher 3 user with an emphasis on minimalism. Thanks #myandroid

I think I'm hanging with the wrong crowd:

I've tried biting my thumb at every person I could for the past hour, but nobody has been offended or questioned it thus far.

Either that or I'm misinterpreting things.


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This problem isn't unique to Texas by the way.

Worse still, nobody informs you as a student what mistakes you made, so you can correct them later. Even if they did, knowing the answer and knowing the reason for the answer are entirely different.

Another problem involves time constraints. I remember my high school AP Calculus exam involving questions about conics. That was not a term I had heard or seen in any of my AP Calculus course. The reason? We hadn't gotten to that section in the textbook by the date of the exam and wouldn't cover the topic at all.

Perhaps voluntary exploration beyond the classroom should be encouraged. If there was a positive incentive, it might engage more people despite being voluntary. That would aid in remedying the problem of time constraints. For example, I was forced to learn how to invert 3x3 matrices by hand due to the fact that I somehow lost the school-provided graphing calculator in my freshman year of high school. It was fun, though time-consuming (which is why it was the only unit that I failed in that particular math course).

I wonder what else could be done to improve things…
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