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Dusk of D.A.W.N.
A strategic, browser-based collectible card game in a cyberpunk universe.
A strategic, browser-based collectible card game in a cyberpunk universe.

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FedoraG4mer took Dusk of D.A.W.N. out for a spin.

The game has improved quite a bit since its first public alpha version. These days updates are implemented almost weekly and the newest features include the PvP system, the ingame chat, the leveling system, an all new animation system and the implementation of sound and music.

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Okay, here it goes. We said we wanted to share our cinematic intro movie with you today and this is it. Let us know what you think!

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It looks like it is time for an update. Four weeks have come and gone and we were incredibly busy. With the launch of the alpha version of Dusk of D.A.W.N. we hit a milestone which pushed us directly into the next phase. That is the preparation of a marketing campaign.

For that we had to get the alpha.2 into shape and also do a lot of behind-the-scenes work.  So it's not as if we didn't do anything, but rather that we did things in the background. Add to that the fact that most of us neglected our private lives for almost half a year, that one of our team members is currently writing his bachelor thesis (about Dusk of D.A.W.N.) and the knowledge that there were and are quite a few bugs to fix and you get a declining social media output.

But now it is time to pick up steam again. In the next weeks you will see our cinematic trailer, our alpha gameplay trailer and a very frequent update cycle for the game itself. Also the release of new cards will start up again and a small redesign of our corporate page will take place.

To set the mood, we would like to present to you the second track from our game score. We hope you will enjoy it!

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After half a year of work, it is now time to put our first public alpha build out there for you to test and hopefully enjoy. Players are now provided with a basic starter deck to take into the field against a corporation owned by the AI Medea.


We are not done with the tutorial yet, but here is the quick breakdown:

* Reduce the enemy corporations power to zero in order to win.
* Cards come in one of four types. Units, Strategies, Buildings and Tactics. The first three are placed on the game board, the last one is played directly from your hand. 
* You have two primary resources to manage: Credits and Action Points. Most moves in the game (including placing a card) cost one action point and you have five per turn. Credit costs of cards are depicted in the top left of each card.
* Damage is dealt in either physical or digital form. Damage resistances are depicted by small bars on the cards. Each bar shaves of 10% of received damage.
* Attacks are threefold: Same row, random row or selected row.
* A blue targeting circle means you have to select a target manually, green and red ones mean automatic/random selection.
* Only cards with power values can be attacked and attacks follow the rows of the board. If a unit can't be attacked, the strategy will be attacked, if that is not possible the building will be attacked. If that is also not possible, the corporation will suffer damage. Think of the board columns as three lines of defenses.

What you can do right now:

* We have provided players with a basic starter deck to directly jump into the game. A normal match is supposed to last 10-15 minutes. 
* Deck Management is available, but wonky. There are a few additional cards you could add to your deck.
* Research & Development is available, but cards other than the ones provided are currently not fully functional yet (only basic attacks work), so take a look, but use at your own risk.

Account Creation:

I know a lot of people are anxious about handing out their email adresses and personal information, so you just have to choose a nick name and a password by pressing the big orange button and you are good to go.

Known Issues:

* Since this is an online game, the server might break. and everyone will experience a short downtime. The client should automatically reconnect, but it might sometimes be necessary to refresh the page.
* We noticed a few erratic FPS issues in chrome where the FPS dropped from 60 to 2-3. Closing the tab and reopening seemed to fix that.
* Don't use Safari as browser when you are playing this game. You might end up with 3-4 FPS. We recommend Chrome, Opera or even IE. Firefox seems to experience a bit of an FPS drop right now.

Server Status:

We will open the server to the public mostly on weekends, starting with feedback friday. During the week only selected testers are given access. If you want to join the ranks, you can sign up for permanent alpha/beta access on

We will send out the first batch of alpha keys over the next few days.

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We have been a bit quiet over the last few days, because we are preparing for alpha launch. It's only a couple of days away, but still we want to share a new card with you today.

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Would you make hard cuts to survive?

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The PPSG boosts your unit's defense. Also works as an umbrella.

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And here is the latest addition to our game. The Subversion Department.

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We meant to post this card yesterday directly after our tea time, but there were some unexpected interruptions.

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The usual weekly update. ;-)
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