Hello all. My name is Brad King, and I’m the co-author of Dungeons & Dreamers: A story of how computer games became a global culture (ETC Press, 2014). I've posted a few snipped here before, but as part of the book's launch, we wanted to offer the SoTA community a special offer since the book uses Richard Garriott and the Ultima series to tell our story.

If you go to Smashwords (see the link below), you can get the book for $2.99 using this code (MH43A) at checkout.

You can also find the book in other formats (including that weird “print” thing) at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes  & Noble,  Kobo, and other retailers. However, the discount is only applicable through Smashwords.

Feel free to pass this along to your friends :) The offer is good through April 15, 2014.
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