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my website for guiding  and helping those in irrefutable need
To know the FATHER you have to be in a personal relationship with HIM. Spirituality is the way to HIM and it is my duty to offer guidance.
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  When I began to Live in the Light of Knowing that The One Who is waiting on my soul Is Perfect Love, Life itself started to open like the bud of a flower that had never been discovered. Prior to this understanding not only did I fear death but on most…
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It is so sad to think and know that people are so caught up in their religion they feel they must convert everyone to think their way, (because thy are convinced they are right) when YESHUA (Jesus) himself told his disciples that his love is sufficient and we are to do as he did for us, love each other (UNCONDITIONALLY) as we love ourselves, YESHUA did not pass judgment on anyone but the leaders of the church, HE warned them of their evil doings, but there are still those who think their pre judgment of others simply because they don't agree with their concept of their religion, anyone can see it is exactly as told and yet they still practice their bigotry and prejudice, convinced they are the favored ones in GOD's eyes yet they are blind to their own teachings of their own religion is in direct conflict with YESHUA's one commandment, TO LOVE, unconditional as he has loved us!!!!
  I think heaven weeps and all hell rejoices when we mortal temporary creations debate and focus our energy of proving our view of The Divine Alpha and Omega over someone else’s. When we or “the god of MORE” tells us that we are right and our mission is…
I think heaven weeps and all hell rejoices when we mortal temporary creations debate and focus our energy of proving our view of The Divine Alpha and Omega over someone else’s. When we…
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THANK YOU so very much for sharing this brother +Duncan Sinclair Anderson - it's so true what you wrote above about the idea "pre judgment" and so very sad - I appreciate you brother
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My little friend who visits every night 
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God math - 113 - Grace starts with the "BE" Gospel!

1) BE - Aware - "The kingdom of God is within you" - Christ came in to dine with you - He Reconciled you, He Redeemed you, He Justified you, He made you wHOLeY as a New Creation Forever part of God And God Is Love!

2) BE - In this moment - the past is Forgiven - the present you are Not under the law, you are under Grace - the future is Completely controlled by The God Almighty And God Is Love!

3) BE - Blessed! - when Jesus spoke of the BEatitudes, He was saying that the worst possible condition you could be in on earth Is A Blessing from God And God Is Love!

4) BE - Content - the reason Paul was content with anything is that he saw God in Everything - to have that same mind that was In Christ you Must understand God Is Love!

5) BE-lieve - BElieve in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved! Christ came to establish Forever The path to God and it isn't difficult - just Believe! Believe is Not a competition to see who Believes MORE - it's a gentle growing awareness of Who God IS - GOD IS LOVE!

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This is you right
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I am that I am, no more no less, read the description of the zodiac sign for cancer and you have me...
I now update again....having to use on screen keyboard it is not only difficult but time consuming... so until I can get a new computer I guess I have to live with it...
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Don't know if I have bragging rights any more than the next person, but I have survived a lot of different turmoils in my life..
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I have been working on my Sinclair lineage and have met many of my cousins. I am very excited about this and wish I could have found my blog

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Great reception every time I walk into the door, and I appreciate that they are knowledgeable of the stock, great place to get your vitamins and supplements..,
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The Meatloaf of the gods lives up to it's name.... I don't like meatloaf that well but I fell in love with theirs, it truly lives up to its name! They will do vegetarian dishes as well. Been there many times now and have never been dissatisfied...
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