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Should have probably posted this first thing this morning 

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Bodium Castle

Went back to Bodium Castle today, enjoying a bit of sun, a cream tea and a £ shaped cloud!
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Yep, that's a real working URL made of emoji!

Norwegian flights from Copenhagen to Las Vegas can be booked through the site

#emoji #airlines

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Hangman via iOS keyboard

HangKeys is an iOS custom keyboard that allows you to play Hangman through any messaging app!

I've already challenged the wife!

#hangman #games #ios

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Just because...

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Peppermint Toads

These make a trip to Harry Potter World all that more enjoyable!

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Great Trick To Find Local Tweets

This is a great little trick to find tweets that are being posted locally.

Works down to 1 mile radius too, fairly well actually on a few tests earlier.

Don't miss a local tweet just because they didn't mention their location, use a hashtag and would be great for a local business as a saved search.

#twitter #local #tweets

H/T +Jackson Salzman for this one

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Upcycle Old Smartphone Batteries

I've been Kickstarter shopping again!

Genius idea to make the most of those old phone batteries using a universal charger that can let you charge new phones using old batteries no matter what size they are.

#kickstarter #recycle #smartphone #batteries

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Coffee, it's a serious business in Sweden

Fika is Swedish coffee culture which is about much more than just having a drink


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Some interesting carvings and a rusty old trailer lost in the woods at Nymans Gardens +National Trust today 
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