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Duncan Foster

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Roli have just announced that Equator is available for purchase; EUR179. Took them long enough!

Spectrasonics Keyscape is being released today. I note that it requires a 64-bit host (though thankfully the content is also exposed through Omnisphere2 which can run in a 32bit host).

Has anyone managed to get a working 64bit version of EigenD yet?

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There are all sorts of interesting things in this set of articles. The article entitled "Plays Well With Others" I think has relevance to the wider electronic music scene and not just modular.

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Hmmm, getting harder to resist buying into Roli!

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It's NAMM teaser time, and it looks like there are more interesting controllers on the horizon. Not much to go on in this video though.

Chris Randall et al have just launched what I think is an interesting alternative to Soundcloud.

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EigenD question: I want to have an on/off switch on a key, that generates a gate into my modular. ON=gate high, OFF=gate low. Anyone (+Geert Bevin?) ideas as to how to achieve this? 

Does the Latch agent work this way? I have Expert Sleepers & ES-3 if that helps. 

Objective here is to have the option of running sound from EigenD through a MI Clouds and be able to trigger the Freeze from my Alpha.

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Augustiner beirgarten in Saltzburg. Beer and a book is a fine way to spend an afternoon.
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