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So, art aside...
What do you think of the book? I just skimmed though the fluff and combat and both look amazing.
The combat seems fast and easy, the initiative stuff is a good way to make Exalteds less of a one-shot meatbag and finally Dawns are seriously though and scary in a fight! 
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Mmm. The entire part about the Dreaming Sea just makes my brain fire on all cylinders. Like, Moorcockian pulpish trippy fantasy, yes. Definitely my favourite new addition.
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I have a question regarding the brainer.

How is the In-Brain Puppet Strings move supposed to work?
Do you override their will by inputting a command?

I'm asking because in my group there's a brainer that decided to use the move on a particularly "slow" npc. When he succeded, he announced that the guy was going to protect him, which is fine. What isn't that much to me is that he kind of "mindfucked" him and now he's docile and follows pretty much the Brainer everywere without questioning, since it's not life threatening. 

I figured it would be more like "you have to do this, if you don't, I'll fry your brain" type of collaboration. What's your input on this?
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Interesting inputs from all of you, thanks. I'll have a talk with my MC about this :)
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Duccio Mondanelli

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15€ bastano per una smartband? Me lo sono domandato in questa breve, sciocca recensione della #miband .
Buona lettura!
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Hi fellow roleplayers!

I am in need of your help: tonight I'm going to host a one-shot game of Dungeon World for 6 people, with 4 of them never having played anything (but being curious about the whole role-playing thing).

Any practical advices? It's my first time introducing people to this hobby, I'm a little nervous ;)

Thanks :)
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Chris S
Go with your guts and don't make pussy hard moves.
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Duccio Mondanelli

commented on a post on Blogger.
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Qua blatero per un po' di cosa ne penso dell'update a Lollipop del Nexus 5. Per capirsi, l'ultima versione di Android.
C'è del sangue, vi avverto.
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Duccio Mondanelli

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Internet, aiuto. Dove lo compro un cavolo di alimentatore da 1.5v? Ho un HDD esterno alimentato esternamente che purtroppo non ha più il cavo, dove posso trovarne uno secondo voi? :D
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I don't want to be THAT guy, but can we please discuss on how BAD some of the art is? Particularly the 3D "pieces".
It's laughably bad. I have friends who draw better stuff.
Did none at OP reviewed the art?
I love some of the art, but a lot of it is....  bad.
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Man, I'm really ambivalent about the artist who does the oil painting style stuff... (assuming it's even the same artist).

There's some with really nice movement and dynamism (like the one on pg.210, where I'm at now, which I really dig) and I definitely like the idea of art with broad brushstrokes and less detail, in favor of impressions and emotion...

... but the faces in some of the pieces :/
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Duccio Mondanelli

Richieste di gioco  - 
Ciao a tutti, cerco qualcuno con cui giocare ad Apocalypse World via hangout: ho un po' di esperienza con il gioco ma non mi posso considerare esperto.

C'è qualcuno interessato?
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+Simone Micucci Sì grazie, non ho mai sentito prima questo termine!
+Teo Black yeah!
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Duccio Mondanelli

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+Simone Monacò  che lo sa bene il perché, +Mattia Muscillo  che finge di non sapere e +Niccolò Zagaglioni  che può sempre apprezzare :)
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I tried last night my first session of Inverse World. 

My two players created 003, a faceless steel (maybe?) steampunk golem with a murky past and Vi, a sky dancer with wyvern's wings, who none (himself included) knows where the hell he comes from.
Vi knows something about 003's past, but not much: he eavesdropped his previous owner, a Lantern now dead. Very dead.

They are the only survivors of the Lonely Shewolf, a pirate airship that crashed on the Island of Glassery, a weirdly shaped island (thank you very much to +Stephanie Bryant, whose island inspired me to play Inverse World) with a lot of secrets waiting our two weird heroes...

I just love this game: I had literally nothing prepared for this first session, with the exception of a couple micro-quests to keep them entertained. 
In a matter of minutes they gave me a Campaign Front ("Who the fuck is 003 creator?") and a lot of adventure idea.
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Half of the characters in my open-gaming Dungeon World game were from the Inverse World playbooks. They're just so cool.
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Duccio Mondanelli

Problemi/Idee  - 
Ragazzi, solo a me ultimamente l'app sta dando qualche problemuccio?
Del tipo, mi registra i primi 5 minuti di attività e poi si ferma. Non capisco.
Ho un Nexus 5 con runtime ART (per i più tecnici).
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mai avuto problemi con lo smartphone...ora uso l' stamattina li ho usati entrambi ed è ok!
Se ti crasha fai la segnalazione potrebbe essere un problema di aggiornamenti col tuo OS
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Duccio Mondanelli

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Ho buttato giù le mie prime impressioni dopo una settimana d'uso del mio nuovo MacBook Air, il tutto sotto anestesia.

Penso sia divertente, ditemi voi.
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mi è piaciuta questa anomala recensione! XD
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Part time marketer, full time nerd.
I'm a student of Political Sciences at the University of Florence, specialized in Communication studies and Journalism.

I love listening to music, reading books, stay informed on technolgy and web and playing role-playing games. I'm 22 and I'm from Florence.
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I changed FOUR different classes in my lyceum.
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  • Scuola Elementare Alice Sturiale
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Good cinema
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Amazing seats!
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Amazing experience! The show was super funny and me and my wife got a kick out of it! Food wasn't anything to write home about but I didn't go to Dinner Detective for that! Solving the mystery was a lot of fun and I'll definitely go back next year, when they change the script! Absolutely recommended.
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Amazing prices and products!
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529 reviews
Great atmosphere. I've only went to a dinner detective here though.
Public - a month ago
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High prices and crappy selection on men's shoes
Public - a month ago
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Very good gym!
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago