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Great discussion on the future of the British surveillance apparatus and we have #Snowden eloquent as ever showing us why we need to oppose the snoozer charter and the power grab this tory fascist want to impose on all of us.

An absolute must see! 
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So ... My kid just turned 3 and, like clockwork, he has entered the dreaded "Why" fase!

The constant questioning of everything, although annoying as hell, does bring in some unexpected twists like the following dialog I had with him.

-Where is mommy?
-Mommy went to work.
-Because she needs to.
-Because she needs to earn money. Now come on.. lets go to nursery
-Because Daddy needs to go to work also.
-Why ?
-Because daddy also need to earn money
-Because your nursery cost money…. (RIIIIIGHT I see what you did there you jeeky fellow… you made me fall into a circular logical trap and now I have nowhere to do!)
-I don’t know… I really don’t know!
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Time for a crowd funding of iris distortion contact lenses that present a new iris pattern randomly everyday.

Add in some Google glass type in eye display tech and I will be trowing money at the project!
Biometric technologies are on the rise. By electronically recording data about individual’s physical attributes such as fingerprints or iris patterns, security and law enforcement services can quickly identify people with a high degree of accuracy.
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In an age where we are trying hard to reach equality of sexes it strikes me as a little bit sexist that the parking signs for people with children always has a women... Don't you?

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I couldn't agree more with you on that, it's one thing to recognise differences and be smart about resource allocation when one gender is engaged more in an activity, but disallowing that kind of childcare access entirely to one gender is unacceptable. It implies the father can't be ever be responsible for his children and that's awful. 
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Duarte Molha (Pepetideo)

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Hi guys 

Really happy with the news of unlimited high quality photos and videos... but someone knows what happens to the storage for those users like me that have been paying for storage just to upload high quality photos.

Currently my accounts shows me that I am using around 50Gb of storage for my g+ photos... because I do not shoot 4K video and all of my photos are lower than 16Mpixels I an assuming I should get all that space back when google photos is released today. 

Is this correct?
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Perhaps contacting +Google Photos which I believe is a page that will be renamed to simply Google Photos, or +Google+ itself, will yield your more accurate-d results.

Edit -- Oh, hey, they did it. Google+ Photos, which was the name of the page I cited earlier in my comment, was re-named to Google photos simply. Hopefully my comment still make sense.
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I have been well educated by my mother since birth so I know that you should not wish bad things to anyone... But can I feel just a bit happy that this guy is being evicted from a position he should have never been given in the first place?

Putting one of the main responsibles for all the problems in the middle East into a position of mediator of the iraeli-Palestinian conflict would be a laughable decision if it wasn't so sad and damaging.

Be gone Blair! Go live your wealth in some remote place in the world far from the public eye and we will try and reverse in the coming decades a little of the damage you and your buddy Bush have done to the world!
Former British prime minister Tony Blair has resigned as envoy of the Middle East Quartet diplomatic group after eight years in the job, his office says. "Tony Blair has tendered his resignation in a letter to [UN secretary-general] Ban Ki-moon," a spokeswoman for Mr Blair said.
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Well said. This man should be charged with war crimes, along with Bush.
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I always liked hearing his views. He sounded like a kind hearted person in the cold game of politics.

Terrible when people die so young and with so much to give to the world. All his potential lost forever.

RIP Charles
Family says long-time Scottish MP – who led the Lib Dems in two elections but lost his seat at the May poll – died at home in Fort William
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Duarte Molha (Pepetideo)

Google Photos General Help  - 
How do you stop pictures you have used in a post on google plus being saved in google photos?
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Yes in some cases are just photos i found online other times they where photos from my Google plus gallery. But that shouldn't matter. After you use it on a post
The picture should be copied to g+ and not be linked to Google photos.

As i said it should be a unidirectional relationship ...if you want to keep a copy on Google photos then fine but don't link them so that you can delete the Google photo without destroying your Google+ post
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Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, searchable and or...
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Overall that was a great opening keynote for io.

Google photos now does look like The google gallery and photo service Android was desperately needing and Unlimited high quality photos and highdef vídeo FOR FREEEEEEE!


Finally true offline google maps

But one thing was completely absent from the keynote - google plus - and that is a worrying sign... Although I appreciate the efforts they have done to become more service agnostic like being able to share an album with a context without requiring them to create an account, of is a worrying sound when the service that is suppose to unify all of Google products is completely left out of the talk about the future of Google's efforts.

Google I/O 2015 brings together developers for an immersive, two-day experience focused on exploring the next generation of technology, mobile and beyond. Join us online or in person May 28-29, 2015. #io15
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iOS it just works... Until it doesn't!

Lol... In just thinking if I should send that text message to my boss... Probably not... I like my job and want to keep it he he he
Anyone can pull the hack off if they know the right combination of characters.
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Favourite quote: "Today a young man on acid realized that matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there's no such thing as death, life's only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves" The great Bill Hicks.

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    My functions at OGT are varied and include but are not limited to: - Collaboration on the design and implementation of OGT's NGS analysis pipeline. - Development of OGT's microarray design development pipeline for improving data flow, maximizing performance and reducing errors. - Custom microarray designs for aCGH, gene expression and methylation studies - Product development for cytogenetics and molecular genetics including the development of several of the OGT's product line offerings including: - CytoSure™ ISCA microarray for cytogenetics (both standard and SNP detection versions) - CytoSure™ Haematological Cancer + SNP Array
  • Vodafone, PT
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    Worked as store salesmen for both the Vodafone shop in Forum Algarve and as a Enterprise account manager for the Algarve region on behalf of Vodafone.
  • Oxford Gene Technology Ltd.
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had a group dinner here. food was good. staff was great
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They took good care of my dog. A bit pricey. .. But then again most kennels are.
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Good food great customer service .. But a bit overhyped and overpriced for what you get
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago