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In Amsterdam... Any good suggestions where to go on my rented bike?

#Amsterdam #cluelesstourist 
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Duarte Molha

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Greetings from the Netherlands.

Saudações dos países baixos.

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Duarte Molha

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Dropbox just released a much better version of photos app then google.

Google in my opinion is getting schooled by Dropbox in how to make cloud enabled apps in their own OS.

carousel is fast, fluid and guess what?  Easy to create collaborative albums.

Why google?  Why are you taking so long to give us something you already had available in Web picasa?

Guess I'll have to start taking my data to Dropbox cloud.
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If it was April 1st, I would call this a sick joke - Condoleezza Rice Joins #Dropbox’s Board sorry but goodbye Dropbox!
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Duarte Molha

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I have. Probably the only vote worth casting
Our freedoms are being eroded, our digital rights are under attack. Fight back - join #PPUK now!
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universal apps()

() xbox 360 customers excluded

Gee thanks Microsoft... after removing the one main reason I bought the device (the ability to videoconference with my family) you finally put the nail in the coffin of the 360. Fear not.. I'll do fine with one of your competitor's products. I already have a Chromecast and the Amazon Fire Tv is looking peachy... not to mention a cheaper more powerful console like the PS4
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These insuburdinate Dutch rebels... :-P 

#bike #regulation #fail 
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Duarte Molha

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It just keeps getting better and better.... Not
Fedor Indutny, a core member of the node.js team, has proved that it is in fact possible for an attacker to sniff out the private SSL keys from a server left exposed by the Heartbleed ...
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Duarte Molha

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DAMN... Do you fell that Mr Gove? Don't look now but Jess just put her foot up your arse so far that your headache might just be the friction from her leather shoe!

You tell it Jess... Very enjoyable and well deserved rant. Keep on telling it like it is. 
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Duarte Molha

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Why o why did he not make a career out of this instead of screwing up the entire world? I would even buy the ugly painting of Putin if this could have stopped him from going into politics
Former President George W. Bush is displaying his portraits of world leaders in the first exhibit of his work as an artist. The portraits include everyone from Prime Minister Stephen Harper to a grim-looking Russian President Vladimir Putin to a smiling likeness of the late Czech playwright and President Vaclav Havel.

#USA   #Bush   #Russia   #Putin   #ArtOfLeadership   #Diplomacy  
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Duarte Molha

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Not so much a hack as a truly incompetent company in terms of security... So... after putting his father password wrong and being taken into a password verification screen, the verification screen accepted a few space strokes instead of the correct password and gave the 5 year old unrestricted access to the system.

How incompetent do you have to be to get some of the most basic security features wrong?

Only Microsoft!

#Microsoft #fail 
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Computational Biologist
Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, NGS Analysis, Microarray Probe Design, Perl, Python
  • Oxford Gene Technology
    Computational Biologist, 2009 - present
    My functions at OGT are varied and include but are not limited to: - Collaboration on the design and implementation of OGT's NGS analysis pipeline. - Development of OGT's microarray design development pipeline for improving data flow, maximizing performance and reducing errors. - Custom microarray designs for aCGH, gene expression and methylation studies - Product development for cytogenetics and molecular genetics including the development of several of the OGT's product line offerings including: - CytoSure™ ISCA microarray for cytogenetics (both standard and SNP detection versions) - CytoSure™ Haematological Cancer + SNP Array
  • Vodafone, PT
    2000 - 2003
    Worked as store salesmen for both the Vodafone shop in Forum Algarve and as a Enterprise account manager for the Algarve region on behalf of Vodafone.
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Didcot, England
Loughborough, England - Faro, Portugal - Setúbal, Portugal - Portrush, Northern Ireland - Kidlington, England
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Oxford Gene Technology Begbroke Science Park Sandy Lane, Yarnton Oxford OX5 1PF UK
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Bioinformatician, technophile
My Interests: As you will be able to see from the tagline, my main interests are science and technology. I also am very politically opinionated so occasionally I do discuss current affairs and politics. I also write a few posts in my mother tongue (Portuguese) when the subject is of interest only for portuguese friends.

Favourite quote: "Today a young man on acid realized that matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there's no such thing as death, life's only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves" The great Bill Hicks.

Note to Spammers: If there is one thing I hate above almost anything is spam circlers, so be warned that if you circle me and you have fake profile (companies posing as personal profiles included) and/or send me unsolicited commercial advertisement - I WILL BLOCK AND REPORT YOU!

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Learned to play the guitar to get girls by serenading to them and IT Worked... At least for the love my love... My dear Tasha. ;-)
  • Universidade do Algarve
    Biochemistry, 1997 - 2003
  • Escola Secundaria D. João II
    Biological Sciences, 1991 - 1997
  • University of Ulster
    Bioinformatics, 2004 - 2009
  • Escola Secundaria D. Joao II
    Area de Ciencias, 1991 - 1997
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Este vídeo explica-te o verdadeiro sentido da vida em apenas 3 maravilho...

O verdadeiro herói continua anónimo. Não fica rica e muito menos fica famoso, no entanto, ele tem tanto... Este novo vídeo tailandês a uma a

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I liked the atmosphere and the cocktail suggestion made by one of the experienced baristas... However friday night it was very full and it would be better if it add a little more space.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Good food. Lovely environment... however I did feel it was a bit expensive for the amount of food and drink we consumed. However if you like lebanese food, it is a nice place to go in Oxford to enjoy it :)
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Expensive and worthless as you have to stand really far away from the stones... one of those turistic things you just to do to say u did go there...
Appeal: GoodFacilities: Poor to fairService: Poor to fair
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Food: Very goodDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
37 reviews
Appeal: GoodFacilities: Very goodService: Good
Public - 12 months ago
reviewed 12 months ago
Good service and atmosphere. The remaining of the people was with really enjoyed their pizzas. I went for the seafood tagliatelle and was a bit disappointed with the flavour. The portions were very generous and I would definitely eat there again.
Food: GoodDecor: GoodService: Very good
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago