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Labour wins by-election on landslide (with over 10 points swing)

Corbyn is unelectable... They say.. We are doomed. They say.

They... Are wrong and HAVE BEEN Wrong for the best part of 1 year.

Corbyn is the one that will save labour from the idiots that cannot see the forest for the trees.

A revolution is coming. Join it or move out of the fucking way! 
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You know how many times I have attacked labour as a party on their actions prior to this self sabotage car crash they have been on for the past year?


I attack them because they have lost the support of their membership and keep on the same disastrous path.

I attack them because the tories are busy destroying the social fabric of this country and they (the lpp) are more interested in attacking Corbyn than in working with him to fight the tories... This is why I am furious.

Yes... This is a insignificant by-election.. But care to wager a bet that if labour had lost a seat that would be front page news? 
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The Labour plotters are right about Jeremy Corbyn
Well, that was a highly successful three-month campaign to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn. There’s nothing like spending all summer on a project that proves worthwhile and repays the effort. If Angela Eagle and Owen Smith were generals in a medieval army, they would report back to their commander: “We fired incessantly for three months and have brought such damage to our opponent’s army they now have 100,000 more soldiers than when we started, sir. And...
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lol I very much enjoyed reading that!
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What do you think? Accurate?
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Sorry pet I read it wrong just re reading it. I am having a funny day. Apoligies and yes you are right I can not believe the way the Labour Party is going. Why don't the Blairites join the Tories that really where they belong. Sorry again.
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Even with close to 200k members prevented from voting Jeremy wins with 62 % of the vote.

If this is not enough to get those rebellious MPs to shut the fuck up and unite behind the person that has reignited interest in politics in this country what is? 
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I am sick of them back stabbers calling themselves centre instead of right-wingers.
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This makes me so mad I don't even know where to begin!

So state schools that have done the right thing and installed solar panels in their campus are now facing enoumours bills that for the tight budgetary constraints they already have means that many will probably opt for removal of the solar panels.

Meanwhile rich privileged private schools "charities" are exempt from this tax and can keep more of the already huge profits they make from the children of millionaires!

Fucking disgraceful! 
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+Miguel Almeida the schools have already paid for the solar panels Miguel
They where encouraged to do so by the government.
Now the government is taking the subsidies away (not a big problem in my view) but they are punishing those that took advantage of those schemes by adding a tax on them...
to all but charities... and in this country ... gues what... every single private school is registered as a charity
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When religious organisations start paying taxes then they are free to be political. Until then they should refrain from butting into international political affairs, especially to say stupid things.

Are they not supposed to be charitable organizations? Then be charitable. Be compassionate and most importantly... Don't elect to senior positions people than don't know and have don't nothing to prevent the issues facing Europe right now.

Where was his church when Blair decided to back a invasion of Iraq... Where where they when Cameron sent military forces to Libya?

Shut your mouth or pay your taxes.. You choose! 
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Look at him
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The man says this without even a slight inkling of irony.

Whatever historical factors lead to the way in which dealerships have so much power over politicians in America... Like many other things they either change in their own accord or they will be forced to change by the complete wave of disruption coming to the automotive industry.

Tesla is only the recoil of the sea before it comes crashing on the shoreline.

Dealerships are not compatible with the future. They make the bulk of their profits on servicing and parts. Electric cars require almost no maintenance therefore if given a choice deals hips would stear potential buyers to gas buzzlers.

It is obvious that the future means. We need to get rid of these intermediaries that serve only to skim the profits off the producers and increase the price of the cars at the point of sale. 
Last week, we reported on Tesla filing a lawsuit against Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and other state officials over the ban on direct car sales from automakers to consumers. The suit was filed af…
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Good analysis
Allo stuff, Part 2: When do we get the US-centric version of Allo?

I think it's clear Allo was designed targeting the developing world. Places like Google's second-favorite country, India. In India, the low-connectivity, single-device use case is prevalent, and that's what Allo is designed around. Most of Allo's weird design decisions can be explained with "That's how things work in India."

So when do we get a version of Allo targeted at the developed world? If Hangouts is pivoting to an "enterprise app," Allo is Google's only consumer facing IM program, so when do we get the high-connectivity, multi-device version of Allo?
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Can someone in good faith really believe that it is because of anti-Semitism on the part of Corbyn and his supporters she had quit?

And even if we take her at her word... How can someone that subscribes to the values and beliefs of the labour party and the labour movement jump ship to the Conservatives. That is almost like a UKIPer changing its affiliation to the LGBT appreciation society!

God riddance! Now it she has any ounce of decency left she should resign and allow for new elections... ( I suspect she won't!)
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No difference between the labour right and Tories anyway
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Anyone here wiling to bet the car will not look anything like these sketches?

Also what are those 4 round disks on the roof? Lidar?

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe the emissions scandal finally forced the company to deal with its reservations about electric vehicles and put some muscle, but in terms of design and technology, into a car that can compete with Tesla's

But I tell you one thing. If the real car looks anything like that I will eat my hat... 
Volkswagen has been teasing the crap out of us with its impending electric car. First, they showed us the boxy little BUDD-e concept. Then the company told us it would debut an EV in Paris based on that car, and that it’d get up to 373 miles of range. And last week, we got three teaser photos. Finally, today we get a look at the entire exterior, but in sketch form.
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Should be straight swop for the diesel cars they sold as eco friendly.
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A long fight to get this passed ... And yet.... When Last month they got a backlash of criticism because they had, once again, caved in on the lobbying from the operators and decided they would only give 90 days a year of free roaming to citizens, they went back to the drawing board and removed that restriction in a few weeks of deep thought (I guess)

Do not trust Juncker. He is an arse. This legislation was 10 years in the making and yet all it took was his say so and these restrictions where lifted.

What this tells me is that they could have done this for the citizens much much sooner and are only doing it now because they want to show they can deliver good outcomes for the citizens of Europe now that they are seeing widespread scepticism of European institutions 
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Bioinformatician, technophile, political activist
My Interests: As you will be able to see from the tagline, my main interests are science and technology. I also am very politically opinionated so occasionally I do discuss current affairs and politics. I also write a few posts in my mother tongue (Portuguese) when the subject is of interest only for portuguese friends.

Favourite quote: "Today a young man on acid realized that matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there's no such thing as death, life's only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves" The great Bill Hicks.

Note to Spammers: If there is one thing I hate above almost anything is spam circlers, so be warned that if you circle me and you have fake profile (companies posing as personal profiles included) and/or send me unsolicited commercial advertisement - I WILL BLOCK AND REPORT YOU!

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Learned to play the guitar to get girls by serenading to them and it Worked... At least for the love my life... My dear Tasha. ;-)
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Good selection of food - several options for vegetarian and children. Good location, good portion, fast service. Chilli con carne was good too.
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Liked the looks and the staff where great. Portion sizes are great, My food was not bad King prawns spagetty and I love the fact that kids meals are a smaller version of the pasta dishes ( I don't like when restaurants treat children's like some sort of special case of fast food junkies) However the vegetable risotto is really bad and the Bruschetta was also nothing to write home about... I know it is a simple starter but for those that have tasted a really good version this couldn't really be called a Bruschetta... Just some bread with chunks of tomatto on top.... Simple recipes sometimes are the most easy to get wrong
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