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This is what happens when governments try and contain the internet and spy on all of us. The internet fights back.

Lavabit is back with a vengeance and protonmail had just recently announced a onion site to access the secure email through secure end to end communications using the tor platform ( ).

I myself had moved my SMS to signal and most of my IM chats are through WhatsApp (not the most secure but in this case a balance between secure communications and accessibility to my contacts that will not install more secure apps just to communicate with me.

As governments put additional pressure more and more services will become popular by their unwillingness to comply and even their inability to comply (due to end 2 end encryption)

The power grabbing by governments like right here in the UK is driving the faster adoption of these more secure tools by the general public and more importantly by terrorists making us all less safe.

But of course, whenever there is another attack, it will be framed not as a failure of government but rather as another reason to hit even harder and the cycle continues unabeted.
Encrypted Email Service that was Shut Down because of Edward Snowden is Back...
Lavabit, Secure and Encrypted Email Service Used by Edward Snowden which Shut Down in 2013 to protect its Customers is back online.
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Fantastic piece!
Exiting a market of a half-billion people to go global makes no sense.
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How leavers see Theresa May while she describes how she is going to fuck up our economy.
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+Duarte Molha YOU'RE RIGHT that is a Brasilian song. She moved to Brasil in the late eighties.

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I quote:

Fairbairn pointed out that the UK and US had a large reciprocal relationship with significant enough trade flows in either direction to ensure British interests were well reflected.

And to this I say... Bullshit!

The CBI is completely wrong on this point.

With the EU, which have much larger trade flows, the now extinguished trade deal was basically giving away almost all EU protections to appease American corporations. If America was able to get their way negotiating with a much larger block what do you think they will get when negotiating with tiny-eager-to-make-a-deal Britain? EVERY FUCKING THING THEY WANT ... that is what!
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Well... Better late than never.

However, unless then start to threaten with simmering more than "lost confidence in the quality of the board" the pay gaps will continue to increase.

It requires courageously and actively divest from companies than continue to operate this way. Only then will they start to comply. When it hits their bottom line.
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... hah. Ok. Sorry tired of trumpster idiots coming into my posts. Your comment just made you sound like one.
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The nightmare just keeps getting worse and worse!

Pound in the shit and probably going to drop even further tomorrow after May does another one of the "Talk forever , say almost nothing meaningful" speeches.

Tomorrow we will know what she wants. She will tell us she is willing to condemn the country to a decade or more of lower growth in order to appease the bigots on her party.

What you will not learn from her is what she will do with the EU citizens that live here and contribute billions to the public purse.

What you will not learn is how you will get free trading deals done when these take over 3 years (at a minimum) to accomplish and she can only start to negociate then after cutting ties with the EU more than 2 years from now.

What you will not know it's how you will be able to free trade with the EU (our biggest export market by far) with all its customer and environmental protections, if in order to do a free trade with the US we will need to drop most of those regulations to appease American multinational corporations.

What you will not be told is how you are going to keep the banking industry in this country (one of our biggest industries ) when, by going the way of hard brexit, you will most certainly loose banking passporting rights and see a huge exodus of these banks to Frankfurt or some other place in Europe not ruled by a Moron

Fucking disgrace!

Yes.. go on ... call me a Remowner as much as you want. I am sure the leavers that always come and tell me I am wrong will again be cheering for the drop in the pound to historical lows.

-Can't you see this is great for our exports (they will certainly say )

You see... in this bizarro world we find ourselves in, a pound in its lowest level since records began is great news and the continuing downwards revision of growth prospects are just doomsday scare stories brought to us by no-nothing "experts"

This nation is drowning in bullshit and we are cheering the bulls (or in her case , cow) who are buzy shitting all over us. 
Britain will not seek a Brexit deal that leaves it "half in, half out" of the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May will say on Tuesday, according to her office, in a speech setting out her 12 priorities for upcoming divorce talks with the bloc.
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+Ali Asghar Khoyee we'll see who is right. Unfortunately we will not be waiting long.
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Yes ...Trump has been elected.

Yes the system in America is dysfunctional but politicians in DC are going to be seeing this.

A march bigger than the inauguration of trump yesterday. Being shared and reshared across the united states. Yes they won because of the corrupt system but maybe just maybe there is hope after all.
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Drawing the top stories around the globe.
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Completely correct assessment.

No one voted for this. If this is what she wants to do she should call for fresh elections.

Only then could she say she has a popular mandate for this hard brexit. She cannot pretend that the referendum gave her that!
Political leaders lie, like the rest of us only more brazenly, and we become inured to it. The lying – be it blatant, or by omission or more often through self-serving half-truths – comes so regularly and so brazenly that you eventually stop asking the Paxman question (why is this lying bastard lying to me?) and grudgingly accept it as a fact of life. Very occasionally, however, a politician tells a lie of such cynical magnitude that it rekindles...
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+Jason Wardman are you serious?

Firstly look no further than your own government if you want to see a dictatorship taking shape. EU is very disfunctional but much further from an autocracy then what you have right here.

As for the value of the pound be the Euro?

Are you seriously going to call that an improvement? It only when back to the same value of a week prior.
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I truthfully had to read this about 3 times to make sure I wasn't alucinating!

PERL was the 3rd hottest language behing Go and Dart !

I understand the 2 first places ... After all they are languages that Google created and has been pushing hard and Google commands a lot of influence in the programming world... But...PERL?!

I guess this is good for me since it is the language I am more proficient in... But it certainly comes as a surprise!
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I might be wrong but this is an amazing opportunity for remainders to throw a spanner in the works for the whole brexit debate.

What happens if Sinn fein wins the elections promising to keep NI in the EU?

Power-sharing has collapsed in Northern Ireland, ending more than a decade of joint-rule between unionist and nationalist politicians. Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness resigned as Deputy First Minister last Monday. The party had until midday to nominate a replacement for him, however in a midday motion in the devolved parliament, they have refused to do so. This means the Northern Ireland Assembly can no longer continue to govern.
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sinn fein/snp no thanks 
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And we have touchdown!!!!!!!

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Liked the looks and the staff where great. Portion sizes are great, My food was not bad King prawns spagetty and I love the fact that kids meals are a smaller version of the pasta dishes ( I don't like when restaurants treat children's like some sort of special case of fast food junkies) However the vegetable risotto is really bad and the Bruschetta was also nothing to write home about... I know it is a simple starter but for those that have tasted a really good version this couldn't really be called a Bruschetta... Just some bread with chunks of tomatto on top.... Simple recipes sometimes are the most easy to get wrong
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Good selection of food - several options for vegetarian and children. Good location, good portion, fast service. Chilli con carne was good too.
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