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I'm working on starting a nonprofit organization to help benefit Indie Game Developers. Please share/+1/donate and help get the word out.

Want a job at the most magical place on earth? If you know PHP/MySQL (Zend Framework preferred) and want to work with ME at Disney in Celebration, FL, then send me a message! I have an opening on my team for a short term 3-6 month project!

You know what is kinda hard? Trying to get Zend Framework modules to autoload. :-\

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Regardless of the type of site this is, I'm always intrigued to learn about different web applications and the social aspects of it. I'm surprised that no-one ever thought about doing something like this until now. :-\

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LOL ... I want to try and implement this view. :-P
Student misspellings can be pretty funny. In video games, there's the first-person view, the third-person view, the side-scrolling view, and today I learned about a new one: the Ariel view:

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This is goood!

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Annnnnndddd .... SCENE!!! Congrats To +Corvus Elrod ... :-)

Starting a #24hour live blog/post session on programming this new web application idea. For G+, I'm going to consolidate the posts for this project to this thread (so as to keep your stream clean. :)

#step1: Starting to use the Zend Framework to create a simple CMS system. The CMS system is meant to use SQLite for the database.

Soo ... after taking a break (of the nap/shopping/eating variety) ... I'm back. I'm going to scrub the #24hour idea ... instead try to rapidly develop the application.

#step2: Building a simple database with a matching model (for Zend Framework's Model View Controller)

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Hey +Corvus Elrod ... Look what I did for you. :-P

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This is hilarious!
Several years ago I had the great pleasure and privilege of meeting Steve Jobs...
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