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Duane Donovan
The unquestioning life is not worth living.
The unquestioning life is not worth living.

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I'd really love to see the first person to walk on Mars be a black, gay, athiest woman so we can see all the neo-cons explain how those things need to stop her being a hero in the Neil Armstrong mould. Of course there's a pretty decent chance the first person to walk on Mars will be Chinese.

After having been on Google+ for a little while I think it's time for Google to turn their filtering abilities to give a better notification system.  I'd like to see something colour coded based on content and users.  I'm already sick of people I don't know sending me abusive and offensive responses to the point where I now don't even read most of them.  Google should be able to target keywords (let's pick: moron, dickhead, idiot, f***wit, for a starter) and be able to red flag that as probably offensive.  If I know the user and want to read it then that's over to me. Green lights for people who've +1 a comment, or are in certain circles that I trust, like family.  Something has to be done by someone because the abuse inherent in social networks (especially Google owned YouTube which is riven with filth), is dragging the discussion to the lowest possible level, and preventing good debate on some issues.  Come on Google, here's a chance to take a lead and raise the standard.  Red flag the idiots and let's communicate on-line with the same courtesy we would have in the real world.

Rumours of the MS Surface at US$199 are sounding promising.  Time for some serious competition in the tablet market. Can't wait to get my hands on one!  Only problem is if Google apps for Windows Mobile are anything to go by it looks like there's not likely to be a lot available at launch. Love it or hate it, MS still has mass appeal, and MS hardware with Google+ could be a great start of breaking the Apple/FB dominance that is holding prices up.

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You might get frustrated with other road users, but actively running them down is just insane.  This driver needs some time on the sidelines to cool his heels.  Good decision by the judge.

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Thanks to Reddit for this wee gem.

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This is a great example of how sport can be a positive influence on peoples lives. This kid will remember this forever.
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