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The elves at DualBoot have returned this year, giving out more free gifts. Find new items, interactions, and improvements to the indoor scene and the classic outdoor scene.

* Countdown to New Year's Eve with Christmas HD! Turn on the TV in the Winter scene for a countdown as the new year approaches!

* Shake the interactive snow globe, and customize it with your own picture and plaque!

* Clear winter nights may reveal a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis, while a glance outside the window reveals a deer passing by

* Lounge through the holidays with an improved, cuter sleeping cat

* Now add up to six stockings (with a new pattern), a lit indoor wreath, and improved fire in the hearth

* Performance improvements, various fixes, and much more!

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Happy Halloween from DualBoot! We've improved lots of things this year, including new epitaph messages, bats, ghosts, animations and much more. There is also a new preview and customization screen available from the main app. See if you can find the rest of the surprises, and thank you for your suggestions and support!

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Happy #Easter from DualBoot! We've updated Season Zen HD with all new, high resolution artwork and a few extra surprises.

Open the app to quickly customize your scene, and to try the new full-screen preview mode. Thank you for your feedback and support!

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Celebrate St. Paddy’s day with Celtic Garden HD’s latest update. With all new settings, customizations, and improved visuals. Thanks to everyone for their feedback and support!

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Merry #Christmas! This #holiday season the elves at DualBoot are giving out a lot of free gifts. Download the latest update today to unwrap your presents!

You can now enjoy your Christmas scene in the daytime with a new morning option, a sleepy cat joins the dog near the fireplace, the indoor scene has new customization options, and the outdoor scene includes blue icicle lights, new mailbox colors, a red breasted robin, and much more!

Happy holidays from DualBoot, and as always - thank you for your support!

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Happy #Halloween from DualBoot! It's not too late to decorate your device with the latest update to Haunted House HD. There's a new black cat, spooky spider, interactive objects, and much more! Thank you for your support, and have a safe and fun Halloween.

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Happy Easter from DualBoot!  We've updated Season Zen HD with many improvements, including new flora, more egg types, baby birds, a new 'Robin' bird type, a Special Events toggle with new surprises for the holidays, improved artwork, tons of customization, and more.  Watch as time passes and a nest full of eggs hatch to reveal baby birds with the new and improved 'Seasonal Eggs and Nest' setting.  We hope you enjoy the free update, and thank you for your support!

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Happy St. Patrick’s day from DualBoot!  Enjoy the holiday with this new free update for Celtic Garden HD.  We’ve packed the pot of gold with a lot of new features, including improved graphics, new weather effects, new leaf and fence options, a new Autumn theme, and more!  If you’ve a bit of luck o’ the Irish you may also notice evidence of a special appearance today.  Happy St. Paddy’s day, and as always - thank you for your support!

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Thinking of giving (or hoping to receive) one of the new Android Wear watches this Christmas? Decorate your wrist with our latest app, Celestial 3D Watch Face!

Exclusively for #AndroidWear, we brought the best of our 3D live wallpaper technology to this custom watch face. Celestial 3D will animate and change color throughout the day, matching your local sunrise and sunset times.

And of course, you can personalize Celestial 3D and place your own photo and engraving on the "back" of the watch.

If you have an Android Wear watch and enjoy our live wallpapers, be sure to check it out and let us know what you think. Thank you for your support!

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Merry #Christmas from DualBoot! Christmas HD's biggest update yet fills your stockings with tons of free new features inside and outside the house.

Just a few of the new features include an interactive dozing dog by the fireplace, an additional stocking and photograph to customize, an interactive cardinal on the mailbox, a 'Winter' theme for any winter day, an interactive toy train under the tree, new light types, colors, and ornaments, and much more!

Lastly this update includes battery and memory improvements, art updates, and various fixes.

We hope you enjoy the free update and have a happy and safe holiday. Thank you for your support!
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