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Teen driving is back ! Read about the recent trend in teen drivers .

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Hope this is good news for insurates in 2016 ! Happy New Year !

Dawson Taylor hopes that you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with family and friends. The buzz is that Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAVs) were a popular gift this year.Thanks to Santa,this brings up a good question about your liability risk while operating a drone and it's 3rd party property damage. This new technology crosses over into several areas of privacy and safety.Your homeowner policy may or may not cover a drone if it is flown off premises. However,new endorsements have changed the aircraft exclusion to not exclude model or hobby
aircraft for both liability and property. Be sure to check out your current policy for accuracy. For our commercial clients, a drone policy may be purchased for jobs such as film production,construction and real estate. Below are some features offered by a UAV policy.

Need Liability for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/Drones)?

Features Include
• Underwriting eligibility includes Construction and Real Estate risks who own and operate UAVs; other classes will be considered on an individual-risk basis
• Liability insurance with limits up to $1,000,000
• Coverage provided with admitted paper
• Streamlined application and underwriting process

• Maximum flight speed 30 miles per hour
• UAV less than 55 pounds
• Operated below 400 feet above ground level
• Operated in daylight conditions and only within sight of operator
• Location of use is at least 5 miles from the nearest airport
Risk Types

Film and Production
Aerial Photo and Survey
Agricultural and Livestock
Real Estate
Power Line/Pipeline Patrol

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October 23 and 24th, John Nixon participated in the 10th Annual Sportachica Fishing Tournament. Sportachica is proud to annouce that it donated the proceeds to support the St. Simons Island Land Trust

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To our Carolina friends and customers:
You have been in our thoughts and prayers during this flood disaster that you are experiencing. We hope that you are safe and making a recovery to a normal life.We would like to share some pictures of this flood.

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