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  Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about teeth. And more importantly, we are going to talk about how to have whiter teeth. First impressions are so valuable to doing business, to boost self-esteem and nothing speaks more confident and trusts…
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Hi everyone! Dental hygiene is so important in our life that if we don’t apply it every day we could lose our teeth. I know it may sound a little bit blunt, but it is the truth. Taking good care of our teeth ensure that they last all our lives or at least…
How to successfully avoid plaque
How to successfully avoid plaque
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Hey guys! I hope you had a great week. It is me again and today I want to talk about dentists. Many patients have asked me before if it is that important to go to the dentist. Especially if they don’t need any dental treatment per se. Or they just don’t…
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Piracy and dental products: useful tips on how to avoid them

There a lot of good and bad in this world. Piracy and counterfeit products invaded the market years ago and even if governments try to add more control they always find a way to get to the shelf and stand of the store. This is an important topic to discuss because many times we are consuming and using products that are false and can affect our health in the worst case scenario.

And sadly, dental products are no exception. Pirates try to copy everything that they can with the sole objective of taking advantage of costumers and a brand’s reputation. We have to be really careful with the products that we consume and buy because sometimes they look very similar to the original, causing confusion to the average costumer.

How these piracy products arrive to the stands is certainly a long story, and it is another subject to discuss in another time, but the important thing is to know the difference between an original brand and a counterfeit or imitation. And today I’m going to teach you guys some tips to tell the difference the next time you are in a pharmacy or store buying tooth paste, tooth brush, etc.

Famous brands and piracy

There is a saying among people who specialize in observing counterfeit products that says: “If a brand is famous there is definitely a copy of that in the market”, What this means is that the most common target for pirates are the most successful brands in the market because they have the most costumers. So what you need to watch out for are those famous brands of dental products that we all know and love.

But anyways, you have to be aware of this when you pick any brand. Because you never know, maybe you like some obscure and underrated brand and pirates too. So let’s jump right into the tips.

First impressions matters: the package

This is the most important advice I can give you in this article. Many people when they buy dental products in the market they just pick whatever they like. This occurs when they are used to their favorite brand and don’t pay attention to the little details that counterfeit products always hide.

Look always the quality the quality of the package. Original brands always use the best quality of paper and plastic to seal their products. So pay attention that the package is sealed correctly and that its aspect seems glossy and solid. If the colors are not bright enough there is a chance that the product is false.

Check for spelling errors. Many of the false products out there have tons of spelling errors in the name of the brand and sentences in the package. Maybe it is because many of the counterfeits products are not made in the US or by English speaking people.

Always look for the expiration date. Many of the counterfeit products don’t have one but you should be more careful than that. Some of them have one impressed by laser so you will see the date unmistakably and this is a sign that is false. Most of the original brands when they elaborate the package of the products use a stamp rather than a printer to give their product these dates.
Closing thoughts
Well, now you are an expert telling apart counterfeit products. Next time you are out there be aware of these sign and you should always pick the correct product. As I said this is very important because it is your health that is in risk, especially when you are in Los Algodones, Mexico that are many cheap products prices.

And this is a good thing, but you don’t want to save money in a counterfeit product. If you pick the original brand the you are acquiring one hell of a deal!
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Fight the plaque! How to prevent it from building up

Oh yeah boys! Today I got an article about an important matter regarding dental hygiene. Many patients ask in the dentist office how to combat plaque, how to prevent it. Well today I’m gonna teach you guys some helpful tips to get rid of this nasty thing.

First of all we have to know what plaque is to understand a little better how this work. Besides, a little knowledge is not a bad thing at all. We can start saying that plaque is a disgusting film of bacteria that forms in the surface of the teeth over time. This means that if you don’t brush your teeth often you will accumulate plaque in no time.

You will know that plaque is forming in your teeth because they feel slime when you touch them with your tongue. Honestly, plaque can be really bad for your oral health, so you shouldn’t ignore your dental hygiene no matter what.

Why you have to fight plaque

As I was stating above, plaque is really harmful for your teeth. If you let it build up it can bring disastrous consequences. The least of your problems are cavities, gingivitis or just gum recession, the bacteria from the plaque will wear down all the tissues in your mouth, like some kind of acid.

In the worst case scenario you will develop other diseases like black tongue and ultimately tooth loss. That’s right, you can lose your teeth because of plaque, because all the dental diseases start with plaque building up and patients being really careless with their dental hygiene.

So if you don’t want to face that many problems in your life ahead then it is not so late to start having better oral hygiene and discipline to stop plaque to ruin your smile and life.

The basics

Let’s start with the simplest thing in the world of oral hygiene routine: brushing. Brushing is the fundamental of having healthy teeth. With a consistent brushing you will gain a beautiful white smile like the ones we see on actors and models in TV and magazines.

The rule of thumb for brushing your teeth successfully is to do it at least twice a day. Keep in mind that having a good brushing technique will guarantee that you get rid of plaque. One of the most used techniques is to use circular motions to brush your teeth, but you can do it horizontally and vertically if you want to.

Pro tip, vibrate your hand so your toothbrush clean far better than using the regular motions. Not many people apply this and it is recommended by most dentists to ensure an extra clean teeth.

But, what about between the teeth? Well, you can solve this situation pretty easily with the help of dental floss. Flossing is just as important to your teeth as brushing, so don’t ignore it! The usual time to floss is two times a day too, you can floss after brushing your teeth, especially after meals to get rid of food remnants as soon as possible.

And in today’s market you can find all kind of cool stuff to clean between your teeth, like toothpicks for example. You can find excellent prices and deals for these products in most Los Alagodones pharmacies. Oh! And don’t forget mouth wash, rinsing after brushing is pretty important too!

Last but not least to fight plaque you need the help of a professional dentist. Fortunately for you here in Dental Solution Los Algodones we have the best prices in town in cleaning and any dental treatment so you don’t have any excuse to not have a perfect smile!
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Why is it important to take care of our children teeth?

Howdy! Long time no see! Today I want to discuss about the importance of being good parents and supervise our kids’ dental hygiene. This is really a question I get asked a lot by parents so let’s jump right into it.

Children are really curious and playful, so it is pretty normal that they get distracted a lot and subsequently, they miss a lot of their chores. And dental hygiene is one of them. Or at least they see it that way, like a pretty boring chore. And this is where most parents have problems, because they don’t know how to teach their kids proper oral care.

Make it a fun game for them
Most kids don’t like to do their homework. But, how about a game? Make brushing a nice little game you can play with them. You can tell them that the first to brush wins. Or you can treat them with their favorite meal or cadies. Just avoid giving them too much sweet or you will harm them instead of helping them.

You can use a chart or a board and use stickers or something like that to motivate them to get prizes. Like every 10 times that they brush they get a toy or visit to the zoo. I’m sure that many kids are down with that.

Be a role model

Another reason why kids don’t like to brush their teeth is because they don’t see their parents doing it. If you want your kids to take care of their teeth you have to start for yourself. So brush your teeth at least twice a day and make sure they follow you. You can teach this to their older siblings to have reinforcement in this conduct.

Another good tip to encourage your children to brush every day is to give them nice tools. And by tools I mean a nice toothbrush and mouth rinse they can use. Get them a toothbrush with their favorite cartoon in so they fall in love with it.

That way they won’t have problem using it every day and will feel very comfortable. The same advice can be applied with the toothpaste and mouth wash. Search for their favorite design or cartoon and you will see the results, even if you choose a delicious flavor!

Visits to the dentist

If you teach them all this you will create character and discipline into your children. They will definitely grow up to be a responsible and healthy person in the future. And they will thank you for that. Besides their teeth will thank you too, as their smile will be really pretty.

Apart from all these they will prevent many diseases that can compromise their oral health. Most parents ignore their kids’ dental health because their teeth will eventually fall off and they will grow again. But if you don’t create a nice routine in them they will neglect their definitive teeth too. This Mean that they would lose them due to dental caries, gingivitis and other nasty affections.

One important part to create a nice dental hygiene is the visits to the dentist. Take your kids as soon as you can to the dentist so they learn about proper cleaning and to be interested in brushing and such. Besides, this way they will lose the fear to dentist at early age.

And if you want to save tons of money in dentist, take your kids to dentists in Los Algodones. Definitely the best prices available, and you will not find better prices than Dental Solutions Los Algodones.

Well, that’s all for today. Take care and now you know, help your kids to smile wide and bright! Until Next time!
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The do’s and don’ts when recovering from oral surgery

There are many reasons why a patient may need oral surgery. You can’t imagine how many reasons play a huge role in this decision. It can be an impacted tooth that is trapped in the jawbone or a tooth that is badly positioned, damaging the neighboring teeth.

It‘s common to have these types of problems especially with wisdom teeth. Also oral surgery is necessary for t dental implants to be placed and for some types of gum treatments like gingivitis too.

And after the surgery the area treated is going to be tender for the first few days but, so taking care will guarantee the success of the surgery. And half of the responsibility rest in the patient’s shoulders. A quick solution are the over-the-counter pain relievers, they are often enough to ease any discomfort. And if you are interested in good prices in prescription med, then Los Algodones is the perfect place for you

However, you should avoid aspirin because it thins the blood, making your mouth bleed a lot. Your dentist and doctor will have the last word on this, so please listen to them! In any scenario, with your doctor content, it is a good idea to start taking them immediately after surgery and not waiting for the pain to set in. This will make dealing with pain a lot easier during the healing process.
Without taking much of your times, here are some tips perfect for taking care of your healing process:

What to do

First of all, take it easy on the day of your surgery. There is nothing wrong if you want to lie down and rest all the time. For the first night after the surgery, keep your head well rested on pillows to avoid stress and excess swelling or bleeding.
Applying some ice packs to your cheeks for about 15 minutes will help to reduce swelling. Do this during your free time and youl feel a lot better. Remember that ice help to numb the area.
Wait after the bleeding stops to eat soft foods. Stick with soup and liquids for the first days after surgery. Other great foods to have are yogurts, fruit milkshakes, smoothies and mashed potatoes!
Also don’t forget to keep your mouth clean. After the first 24 hours, you can gently rinse using warm water with a pinch of salt. Rinse after every meal and make sure to remove food debris, especially near the surgical area.
Follow a balanced diet with a lot of vitamins and minerals. Try to eat food rich in vitamins A and C, they are great nutrients to contribute in the healing process after surgery. A vitamin C supplement that you can find over the counter it is also really helpful. According to many doctors and dentists, getting plenty of vitamin C is a great way for patients to ensure they recover faster.
What not to do

Don’t overstress yourself. It is not recommendable at all to bend over simple things or do heavy work. Not even exercising at least for the first two to three days after surgery, and if you can wait more it would be better.
Avoid at all cost hot food or drinks until the numbing disappears. Because you can’t feel any pain while you’re numb you can burn your mouth by accident. Also be really careful to not chew your cheeks or tongue!
Do not bite into hard or foods like carrots or popcorn. Remember the area of the surgery will be very tender for six to eight weeks at least. Also, avoid brushing or flossing your teeth near the surgical area until advised by your dentist to do so.
Don’t smoke, period. Smoking can interfere with the healing process and can cause many complications that can put your health at risk, developing nasty infections. The same goes to alcohol for at least a day, as it can delay the healing process too, so stay far from bars.
If you follow these advices and the aftercare instructions given by your dentist you will heal in no time and without complication. However, you should call your dentist immediately if you experience any discomfort like excessive bleeding, excessive swelling, any form of paint that medications cannot control it or any reaction to the medication.
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How do I know if I’m the right candidate for an All-on-4 treatment?

The All-on-4 treatment is usually recommended for people who wear dentures or who will have to wear them in the near future, almost anyone is apt for an All-on-4, nevertheless your health professional has the final say on your eligibility depending on your health and particular needs.

Will the all-in-4 feel and look like natural teeth?

Yes!, you won’t be able to feel the difference, one of the great benefits of the All-on-4 treatment is that you can eat food like pop-corn or hard candy without worrying after fracturing your denture, or having to clean it up afterwards, as for how they look, people will compliment on your white-pearl smile, they might even say you look younger. The dentures are usually undistinguishable from regular teeth and the implants are covered by the gums and the denture itself.

What’s the aftercare like?, is it easy to clean?

For the first few days you might be asked to avoid certain foods and take some medicine in case of discomfort. But just like natural teeth, All-on-4s just need daily brushing and flossing, the dentist may give you further instructions depending on your particular needs. Just keep in mind that the success rate of All-on-4 is over 98% as long as you maintain a good hygiene.

How long do I have to wait for my new teeth?

The surgery itself lasts a couple of hours per arch; a temporary denture is affixed to the implant on that same day, so you get a shiny new smile as soon as the surgery in finished. The final denture may take up to a month, but once it’s ready the dentist can install it in an hour or so.

Can I get an All-on-4 on the bottom arch?

Yes, one of the benefits of the All-on-4 is that it can be used either on the top or bottom arch, even on both, in such cases, some dentists might recommend that you get them done at the same time, as that will reduce the cost, and you won’t have to go through two different recovery periods, of course, that depends on your personal budget and needs.

What are some of the benefits of an All-on-4?

First, it’s a perfect procedure for people who have suffered from small bone loss as you won’t need bone grafting. Second, since it requires fewer implants than more traditional procedures, the process is quicker, safer, and the recovery time is lower, and finally, for a full-mouth replacement is a very affordable procedure.
All-on-4 FAQ
All-on-4 FAQ
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What is the all on 4 treatment?

Dr. Xochipilli Bojorquez is the mexican leading expert in the All on 4 Treatment with over one-hundred successful procedures, but what does this procedure entail? And how is she improving the dental health of folks worldwide? Well, the All on 4 dental treatments is a full mouth reconstruction solution for those people with denture or decaying dentition who don’t want the hassle of having removable dentures.

Traditionally a dentist had to insert at least 8 implants along the mouth to support a bridge that could replace the denture. Even though the process is excellent, and most patient can tell you success stories, it’s also true that it was a long surgery and could cause some discomfort for the first few days. Dr. Paulo Malo in cooperation with the leading prosthetics manufacturer, Nobel Biocare, came up with this new method which could affix a bridge with as few as 4 dental implants, making the procedure a lot faster and minimizing the need for complex surgery such as bone grafting.
all on 4 treatment

With the All on 4 treatments the dentist removes the remaining teeth and places two implants in the frontal side of the jaw, and two angled toward the back of the mouth avoiding the maxillary sinus and the nerve canal. With the implants in place a bridge is fixed and the prosthetics are placed, at the first the teeth are usually made of acrylic while the jaw heals, considering that there is no prosthetic near the pallet this gives the patient a very natural feel inside their mouth. Once enough time has passed, a new denture is made of more durable materials such as ceramic supported by a titanium frame, giving it an extremely natural look with a tremendous strength. Pink Gingiva is used to give the top of the prosthetic that natural pink-like color of healthy gums.

One of the greatest benefits of the all on 4 treatment is that the patient can do things that would prove impossible or extremely uncomfortable with removable dentures, such as eating hard food, chewing bubblegum, playing musical instruments or eating popcorn, given enough time, you might even forget that you have a dental replacement in the first place. The latest research proves that the procedure can last for a very long time without needing replacement (the average success rate is 94% in a 10 year span), and it’s about 1/3 the price of similar procedures, making it a very viable option if you are looking for that perfect smile.

If anything you’ve read so far speaks to you, just give Los Algodones a call, we have a staff ready to take any calls and guide you through this process, we want you to make the best choice for your needs so you can get the dental health and aesthetics you desire.
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