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Our new whitepaper Is Your Web Hosting Company Profiting From The Billion-Dollar Email Backup & Archiving Industry? is available to download for free! (

Learn how to:

1) Meet the challenges facing your web hosting business for ways to mitigate security, business continuity, and storage issues with hosted email. 

2) Offer your web hosting customers a more complete solution that results in revenue opportunities, including when those customers choose external/third party email services. 

Download Now:

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Here are some "do's and don'ts" to help protect your email from being hacked and to protect against spam. Also be sure to backup your emails for even greater security and piece of mind! Start your free trial at

1) Implement 2-Step Verification
2) Use the format email[at] rather than the @ symbol to help prevent your email address from being harvested from websites and social media sites.
3) Use the windows on-screen keyboard rather than typing into the keyboard to further protect yourself, especially when typing banking credentials.
4) Use complex passwords with upper and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers rather than simple passwords.
5) Be careful when clicking on shortened links if you don't know the source.
6) Never use the same password for 2 or more email accounts. 
7) Use disposables emails to register on websites that need verification if you aren't comfortable with the site.
8) Be sure to backup your email on a regular basis in the Cloud. Start your free trial at

Read More:

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20 years into the Internet age, email is still the communication tool of choice. As email volumes continue to increase, and email becomes a tool of record, capturing the data from email traffic is becoming more and more critical. Preserving this information for search, retrieval and discovery is key in meeting compliance protocols and leveraging data to make your organization smarter.

The key approach to email archiving is to make the implementation, the storage flexible, while not compromising on security requirements., the powerful email backup and archival tool, can help your company meet those needs. Dropmyemail is cloud-based, with elastic storage that can grow to meet any organization’s volume needs. In addition, Dropmyemail uses open Internet standards that can integrate with any email server or solution, providing full encryption during the backup and while stored on disk. 

Why not start backing up your email today? We offer a 15 day free trial that is risk free with no credit card required - so you have nothing to lose - especially your email!

Learn more at

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Hey Thanks for the Plus Love!
Shoutout to +carlini louis and +Marcus Gipson for all of the plus love! We appreciate your support! Now if only we could get some of you Google Plussers to ask us some questions!!! We are here for you! If you have any questions about email, backups, disaster recovery, etc. let us know and we will do our best to get you answers! You can also learn some tips on our blog at

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Any time .anytime
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We vote that World Backup Day should be a national holiday!
We are kidding of course. This day is actually an effort to increase awareness of how easy and critical it is to backup your information. Here are five tips to back up your email and other data:

#WorldBackupDay #email #backup
According to the National Archives, only one of the following dates is NOT a federal holiday. See if you can spot which one: New Year’s Day – January 1 Martin Luther King’s birthday – January 19 Ge...
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#TechTips: Undo that sent email in Gmail
But hurry! You only have a 10-second window to do it!!! File this tip away to memory! Read More:

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Here's a handy little tip that you hope you never need! How to undo a sent email in Gmail - but you only have a 10-second window so you will need to file this away to memory as you won't have time ...
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Verizon Email Down for 8 Hours Today
The company says the problem is now resolved and the email servers are back up and running. 

"We are investigating the cause. The issue prevented customers (not all) from being able to use the POP3 email service, but it did not impact customers' ability to use Webmail or login to the Verizon portals," Bonomo wrote.

Read More:

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Company says problem is now resolved and all users are back up and running
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It's 8:30pm and your boss just sent you an email.
Do you respond?
If you do, are you entitled to overtime pay?
Let us know what you think in the comments below.

An interesting article on +Wall Street Journal ( regarding company-issued smartphones and the legal questions raised around the labor-standards for unpaid work. According to attorney Paul Lukas, a company can be liable if managers know a staffer is doing work off hours - which is not hard to determine thanks to timestamps on emails.

#email #business #overtime #offhours #smartphones  
How do you set boundaries for working off-hours outside the office? Do you feel comfortable not checking email or ignoring emails sent late at night?
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Great idea +suzanne boodan. More people should turn the phone off, de stress and focus on family!
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Our partner program allows hosting providers to offer email, website and database backup as a co-branded or white-labeled solution as a stand-alone or integrated solution with their current offering. Read More: has recently launched the new customizable email notification settings for its website and database management partners. Using this service the partners of Dropmysite can now decide and control which emails would be sent to their end users from their reseller portal.

Resellers and partners are the core of Dropmysite business and with this philosophy in mind, Dropmysite had launched it very powerful reseller portal through which the partners can now manage their users using and also provision Dropmysite services to them. This email announcement was a new feature that was added to this portal in order to provide more flexibility to the partners of Dropmysite.

Don't have a reseller portal yet? Contact Dropmysite at and become a partner now.

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Just a friendly reminder to backup your data on a regular basis. There are so many options available nowadays that there should not be any excuses. Keep these stats in mind - and then go backup!

- Laptops are stolen at a rate of one per 53 seconds
- Enterprises lose one thumb drive per month on average
- 20,000 computers crash everyday

Here are five tips to back up your email and other data:

#WorldBackupDay #email #backup
We vote that World Backup Day should be a national holiday!
We are kidding of course. This day is actually an effort to increase awareness of how easy and critical it is to backup your information. Here are five tips to back up your email and other data:

#WorldBackupDay #email #backup
According to the National Archives, only one of the following dates is NOT a federal holiday. See if you can spot which one: New Year’s Day – January 1 Martin Luther King’s birthday – January 19 Ge...
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Email Marketing & Tech Tips Collection of Posts
We would love to hear from you if you find any useful tips in this collection or if there are any questions we can help answer!
#emailmarketing #emailmarketingtips #email #collection  
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5 Ways Business Continuity Adds Value to Strategic Planning - Read More:
As you plan the path forward for your organization, business continuity should be considered throughout the process so that there is less chance of unexpected events sabotaging your gameplan and leaving you sidelined. 

#business #planning #backup #email #archiving #monitoring  
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Never lose data again! Automatic Email Backups in the Cloud.
Dropmyemail provides a easy way to automatically backup your emails in the Cloud and to migrate your emails from one provider to another in the Cloud. It’s a free and simple two click signup process to get started.

Simple 2 Step Signup Process
Start backing up your email in 2 simple steps. Step 1. Create an account. Step 2. Enter the email and password of your email account to backup and we will take care of the rest.

User Friendly Automated Email Backup
Dropmyemail ensures that backing up your emails is simple and easy. With over 150 email configurations pre-loaded, both IMAP and POP, you just need to enter your email address and password - we will handle the rest. Backups take place automatically on a daily basis. Backups are incremental which means the same email is not backed up twice thereby saving you space. Thus, more space to backup more accounts at a lesser cost. So start backing up your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, QQ, Sina and all other email accounts now.

Download, Restore & Migrate Emails with One Click
One of our most popular features is the restore and download functionality. You can easily download emails to your personal computer or simply, in case of accidental deletions, restore it back to your inbox with just one click. We also offer an email migration function that is very easy to use: After authenticating your new mail server, with a single click all your emails accounts and their respective emails (inbox, folders and sent items) will be migrated over.

View & Find Your Files via File Manager
Apart from emails, Dropmyemail also allow you to backup and share files. With the file manager, you can upload files that you want to backup and they can be accessed from anywhere. Apart from backing up your files, you can also share them via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email or send a customized link.

Secure Storage
We pay special attention to the security of your data. We ensure that no one other than you have access to your backup emails and files. All emails are pulled from the mail server using Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when available. The mails are then encrypted using one of the strongest block ciphers available – 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Each mail is encrypted using a unique key. The unique key itself is encrypted using a regularly rotated master key. This ensures your emails’ constant protection while we back them up.

View Your Emails Online
In the event that your email provider is down and you do not have access to your emails, you can view them on Dropmyemail. We provide a straighforward interface to view all your emails via our web interface. The interface supports multiple email accounts.

We also offer business solutions. Ensure your business continuity and protect your emails with Dropmyemail Business - the best cloud based email backup and archive solution available. It is specially designed for SMBs and does not require any installation. Click here for features and pricing:

We offer a win-win pay-as-you-go partnership model which can offer tremendous benefit to your business in increased ARPU and stickiness.

Our open REST APIs cater to most commercially available control panels. Moreover, our backup solutions can easily be integrated through leading hosting platforms such as cPanel, Parallels Automation APS 2.0, Plesk, WHMCS.

Featured on CNBC, Wall Street Journal and VentureBeat, we have nearly 1 million subscribers worldwide through our leading web and email backup platforms and Founded in Singapore in 2010, we have offices in 4 countries. Our strategic investors include 500 Startups and GMO Japan.

We are looking for qualified companies to become our partners and resellers. Our suite of services is perfect for:
  • Hosting Companies - Provide email, website and database backup as a co-branded or white-labeled solution as a stand-alone or integrated solution with their current offering.
  • Telecom Companies - Provide email, website and database backup as a VAS to the customer base.
  • Internet Service Providers - Provide website backup solution to the customer base.
  • Solution Providers - Leverage on our solution for backups and integrate with their web solutions.
  • Other online Distributor channels/network
Learn more about our reseller program, partnership benefits and our existing partners at
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