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Blacklisted??? The Savvy SMB's Guide to Getting Your Site Back in Google's Good Graces by +Ridley Ruth, 
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If you have ever encountered website warnings like "This site may be hacked" or "This site may harm your computer" - you should be thankful that Google is protecting you from websites infected with malicious software - but what about the website owner? How does being branded a "bad" site by browsers and search results impact their business? And, most importantly, how can they get back into Google's good graces?

Results from the Symantec 2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey found that, on average, blacklisting costs the SMB $12,500 per day. In 2015, this number is likely much higher. 

This is a great article to bookmark for future reference. Our COO +Ridley Ruth goes through the steps you will need to take to clean up your website and get back in Google's good graces if this happens to your site.

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Boss Never Responded To Your Email?
A study reported by +Popular Science (, which will soon be presented at the International World Wide Web Conference, "proves" the existence of "email overload" and how it affects the quality of day-to-day communication. (

Researchers from Yahoo labs looked at emails of two million participants who sent more than 16 billion messages over the course of several months--by far the largest email study ever conducted--shows that the more email a person receives, the smaller the percentage of messages they respond to. Perhaps not surprising; however, it does seem that a better solution is needed.

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In the search for a reliable way to stay at ye olde "inbox zero," we've tried pretty much everything. But, new research suggests that struggle isn't entirely our fault: Instead, our replying habits may have a lot more to do with circumstances than our organizational tactics, reports Popular
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Would you even know what to do if your email account was hacked? Most people probably know to change their password - but what else should you do?

If you have #malware installed, there is a good chance it may detect your first password change, so you need to delete the malware - on all of your devices - and then change your password again.

You should also notify your contacts. Check your outback to see what #emails were sent and follow up to let them know that you were #hacked.

The best way to keep your #email account safe is to protect your email address by masking it. And of course, you should back up your email so that if your account is compromised, all of your emails aren't destroyed or corrupted.

Please read our article on +TechZone360 to learn more:
Email Hacked? Don't Despair!
While none of us want to even think about getting #hacked , it is unfortunately a growing problem for both large and small businesses alike. Read our article on +TechZone360 ( to learn how to recover when #hackers invade your #email . 
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Can your business recover from an email hack?
Our COO +Ridley Ruth provides you with a terrific list to help you restore balance when your #email gets #hacked in today's artcle on the +TechZone360 (

In a nutshell:

1) Change your password
2) Delete their #malware software
3) Notify your contacts
4) Enact preventive measures

Backing up your email is always the best practice to make sure that your email is secured!
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Is LinkedIn an Email Hacker's BFF?
This article on +CIO by Information Security professional Trevor Christiansen explains how easy it is for a #hacker to build an employee #email list, simply by searching for an organization on #LinkedIn, that he/she can then target with a #phishing #scheme to access usernames and #passwords. This information can then be used to breach the #network and steal valuable credit card or other #data - and your company's worst nightmare has just begun.

So what is a company to do? Quit using LinkedIn? In today's socially connected workplace, that hardly seems a viable option. 

Christiansen recommends investing in a training program to help your employees learn to recognize and resist phishing scams. He also suggests that a simple statement that clearly defines how your company handles network security information, such as "we will never ask for your username and password" will go a long way toward preventing employees from falling victim to such scams.

Finally, having a clear reporting process for suspicious activity before it becomes a full-blown network attack will go a long way toward keeping your business-critical data safe and sound.

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Your professional network may be the link of your company’s next hacker attack.
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Do you use data to help you craft email subject lines? Perhaps you should! According to this article on +MarketingProfs, one-to-one emails with the word "you" in the subject line were opened 5% less compared with those that did not include the word. Emails with the words "free" or "tomorrow" in the subject line were opened 10% more often; while emails with the word "meeting" were opened 7% less.

Interesting stuff! Check it out!

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Best practices for 1-1 business emails
You hear a lot of best practices for email marketing, but what about when you're sending an email directly to a business contact?

Check out this post:

Sidekick, a division of +HubSpot, analyzed millions of emails to figure out words in subject lines that encouraged or discouraged opening of those emails. Think twice before sending that next email to a prospect or customer!

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Email Marketing - Should you use, or avoid, certain words in your subject lines when sending emails directly to business contacts?
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Email Marketing is Money in Your Pocket

The April edition of Direct Marketing News magazine says " reports that for every $1 spent on email marketing in 2014, the average return was about $44.25."

A survey of various forms of marketing cited by MarketingSherpa found that "emails to house list" had a 44 percent return on investment, and significantly higher than, say, banner ads at 13 percent. 

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Do you run any email marketing campaigns? Are you seeing these types of results?

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The single biggest cause of data breaches in 2014 was miscellaneous and user errors...

Verizon just released their annual Data Breach Investigations Report ( and found that "errors" accounted for up to 29.4 percent of #data   #breaches in 2014 - up from 25 percent in 2013. Most of the time, these errors are "user error" such as inadvertently sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient.

Internal staffers also unwittingly assist in #cyberattacks by clicking on #malicious links and downloading #malware contained in #emails from senders that look legitimate. According to the data, 23 percent of recipients opened a "phishing" email last year, and 11 percent clicked on attachment. 

It is interesting how quickly users take the bait in #phishing scams. As part of a test, two of Verizon's partners sent 150,000 phishing style emails (emails that try to deliver malware onto a computer or convince a user to give up passwords) and the median time-to-first-click averaged just 82 seconds. 

Education is key as the hard reality for companies is that time is not on their side when it comes to detecting and reacting to phishing scams.

The #security firm Symantec also released their annual report ( which showed that nearly one million new pieces of malicious #software were created every day in 2014 - that is 317,000,000 new pieces of malicious software created in 2014 (!!!

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Email fails are common, but for companies, they can be expensive and dangerous mistakes.The single biggest cause of data breaches in 2014 was "miscellan...
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Email Hacked? Don't Despair!
While none of us want to even think about getting #hacked , it is unfortunately a growing problem for both large and small businesses alike. Read our article on +TechZone360 ( to learn how to recover when #hackers invade your #email . 
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Go Phish!
The only thing surprising about a successful #phishing attack at the White House is that it doesn't happen more frequently.

Phishing, for those of you who don't know, is fairly simple: A well-crafted and personally/professionally-relevant #email is sent to a targeted user(s), prompting them to open an attachment or click a link within the message. Inevitably, they take the bait, at which point #malware installs on the system, a backdoor or command channel opens, and the attacker begins a chain of actions moving toward their objective.

Education and awareness efforts may help people distinguish the less sophisticated and targeted of these phishing messages, but they can't change the fact that often opening attachments or clicking on links—even those sent from addresses you recognize—is fundamentally an act of faith.

Protect your email by backing up today in 2 easy steps - free trial - risk free - no credit card required! Learn more at
Perhaps the most surprising thing about this week’s reports of Russian hackers infiltrating an unclassified White House computer system is that for all their efforts the hackers appear to have been unable to retrieve anything more interesting than the unclassified details of the president’s schedule. That is probably due in...
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LOL! This is what email would be like IRL!
A brand new video by +Tripp and Tyler "Email in Real Life" that will give you a good laugh for the day!

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10 Tips for Email Marketing Success
There is much more to email marketing than sending a mass promotion to everyone on your list. By taking the time to get to know your target audience, you will be able to ensure that your campaigns are personalized, relevant, and timely. Here are 10 tips for email marketing success by +MarketingProfs

1) Have a mobile strategy that helps you collect email addresses
2) Offer incentives
3) Confirm and double optin your email subscribers
4) Keep communication to the point
5) Let the user decide how often they would like to hear from you
6) Use data to make decisions
7) Give people options
8) Automate automate automate
9) Make sure your automated processes work flawlessly
10) Test, test, test!

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Never lose data again! Automatic Email Backups in the Cloud.
Dropmyemail provides a easy way to automatically backup your emails in the Cloud and to migrate your emails from one provider to another in the Cloud. It’s a free and simple two click signup process to get started.

Simple 2 Step Signup Process
Start backing up your email in 2 simple steps. Step 1. Create an account. Step 2. Enter the email and password of your email account to backup and we will take care of the rest.

User Friendly Automated Email Backup
Dropmyemail ensures that backing up your emails is simple and easy. With over 150 email configurations pre-loaded, both IMAP and POP, you just need to enter your email address and password - we will handle the rest. Backups take place automatically on a daily basis. Backups are incremental which means the same email is not backed up twice thereby saving you space. Thus, more space to backup more accounts at a lesser cost. So start backing up your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, QQ, Sina and all other email accounts now.

Download, Restore & Migrate Emails with One Click
One of our most popular features is the restore and download functionality. You can easily download emails to your personal computer or simply, in case of accidental deletions, restore it back to your inbox with just one click. We also offer an email migration function that is very easy to use: After authenticating your new mail server, with a single click all your emails accounts and their respective emails (inbox, folders and sent items) will be migrated over.

View & Find Your Files via File Manager
Apart from emails, Dropmyemail also allow you to backup and share files. With the file manager, you can upload files that you want to backup and they can be accessed from anywhere. Apart from backing up your files, you can also share them via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email or send a customized link.

Secure Storage
We pay special attention to the security of your data. We ensure that no one other than you have access to your backup emails and files. All emails are pulled from the mail server using Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when available. The mails are then encrypted using one of the strongest block ciphers available – 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Each mail is encrypted using a unique key. The unique key itself is encrypted using a regularly rotated master key. This ensures your emails’ constant protection while we back them up.

View Your Emails Online
In the event that your email provider is down and you do not have access to your emails, you can view them on Dropmyemail. We provide a straighforward interface to view all your emails via our web interface. The interface supports multiple email accounts.

We also offer business solutions. Ensure your business continuity and protect your emails with Dropmyemail Business - the best cloud based email backup and archive solution available. It is specially designed for SMBs and does not require any installation. Click here for features and pricing:

We offer a win-win pay-as-you-go partnership model which can offer tremendous benefit to your business in increased ARPU and stickiness.

Our open REST APIs cater to most commercially available control panels. Moreover, our backup solutions can easily be integrated through leading hosting platforms such as cPanel, Parallels Automation APS 2.0, Plesk, WHMCS.

Featured on CNBC, Wall Street Journal and VentureBeat, we have nearly 1 million subscribers worldwide through our leading web and email backup platforms and Founded in Singapore in 2010, we have offices in 4 countries. Our strategic investors include 500 Startups and GMO Japan.

We are looking for qualified companies to become our partners and resellers. Our suite of services is perfect for:
  • Hosting Companies - Provide email, website and database backup as a co-branded or white-labeled solution as a stand-alone or integrated solution with their current offering.
  • Telecom Companies - Provide email, website and database backup as a VAS to the customer base.
  • Internet Service Providers - Provide website backup solution to the customer base.
  • Solution Providers - Leverage on our solution for backups and integrate with their web solutions.
  • Other online Distributor channels/network
Learn more about our reseller program, partnership benefits and our existing partners at
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