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Summer's here! Time to get away. Tell us how you use Dropbox for travel, in the comments below. We'll use some of your pro tips for an upcoming blog post.
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Storing maps in PDFs and other important informations
my linux pc at every boot executes this script:
it writes the public IP of my computer to a file in my home folder.
this file is uploaded to dropbox (to public folder), and my smartphone reads it (automatically, with tasker).
In this way I can always know the IP of my computer and remote connect to it (apache, vnc, ssh...)
eu gostei muito, eu vou fazer isso, eu estou precisando um pouco mais de produtividade aqui no Google+ Chrome.
I use a Dropbox folder for work.  Programs run overnight and log files are put in the Dropbox folder.  When I'm home or away I know things are running smooth... or not.
I use Dropbox because it's the only thing that allows me to seamlessly and instantly synchronize a file between my Apple PowerBook from 2002 running Mac OS X 10.4 and my Falcon Northwest Tiki from 2013 running Windows 8.1. With a PowerMac G5 Quad (OSX 10.5), MacBook Pro (OSX 10.9), +NVIDIA Shield (Android KitKat), iPod Touch (iOS 6), and iPad mini (iOS 7) in between.

Dropbox makes cross-platform easy, with unbeatable legacy support!
Actualmente para mi es importante usar Dropbox, ya que es la herramienta donde guardo archivos, los actualizo o modifico desde mi casa, Tablet, con sólo sincronizar y optimizando las respuestas del trabajo terminado
Now for me it is important to use Dropbox, it is the tool where I keep my files, I update them or modified from my home, Tablet, just sync and optimizing responses from the completed work
We use a shared dropbox folder to store our Microsoft streets and trips travel plan file. We travel full time in an RV and both my husband and I like to tweek the plan. Using a shared dropbox folder means we each have the latest file without having to use a thumb drive and 'sneaker-net'
Storing tickets and bookings and sharing them with other travel mates. 
Piu Sur
Keep all my pics and videos there and share with those close
My father passed away recently. He was the best father anyone could ever wish for...
no sabía? Puedes darme unos consejos acerca de como utilizar bien Dropbox para viajes, por favor!!
Travelling by boat or by bus, by car or by train...till we get to the summer cottage. Now we have the full season of our favorite tv-series in every device. No need to worrie about internet connection, we can enjoy audiobooks, music or tv-series in the beach or in the garden of our grandparents :) Dropbox, carpe the hell out of diem!! :D
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