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Do you use Dropbox on a mobile device? We want to hear from you! Tell us your #protips for using Dropbox while on the go and we'll feature a few of your tips in a future blog post.
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Yeah I do .I use it to send links to my friends from music and photo files and I also stream music from it 
I have enabled a pin code to avoid sharing more than I want to. 
J'utilise Dropbox  pour être sûre de retrouver mes photos et, pour le moment, je ne m'en sers pas sur mon mobile .Mais peut être plus tard...!
I use it for music,photos and data files.Would be nice you give more free storage.
I use it for music photos and some data files on my mobile device and laptop
Please add synchronizing the Dropbox folder to your phone.
Dropbox is my favorite Cloud, in time. But one big problem I switched to another Cloud is the price from 100GB /month. Please bring a good price for your users. Thanks. 
I use it to backup my photos all the time, plus a place to store all my e-books. I do use it on a few occasions for music to listen directly from. I love that feature!
I use it to backup the photos and videos from my and my wife's smartphones and tablet. 
I had it on my samsung galaxy tab 2 and samsung galaxy s3. Loved it because when the tab broke I still had my pictures
It's brocked in China,T_T…
I use it now as my secondary and photo storage. It's so expensive compared to others so I invest my money and time into another service for all of my main sharing.
I'm spoiled by the automatic upload of camera-pictures! It is really extremely convenient! :-)
But i miss the feature to favorite whole folders to keep all it's content synced on my mobile devices (Android)!
Dropbox es un fraude, te dan muchos GB al iniciar tu cuenta si lo instalas en tus ordenadores y compartes carpetas  y por ejemplo en mi caso que tenía casi 50 GB, el 7 de julio me los quitan sí o sí porque tendría que pagar, así que a borrar carpetas y eso que solo tengo 17 GB en uso, lo que buscan es dinero a corto plazo
Yes, but app Dropbox need to update, sometimes its have errors
Yes I use it on my mobile device mostly for music and videos and of course have to update it from time to time.Didn't experience any errors for now.
I really like dropbox. So easy to use n so fast on my mobile
I like Dropbox but U get 25gb with drive, box, copy, pogo why get 2 or 4 with dropbox

I use it on my iPad Mini for documents on the go, but with latest update it hangs on uploading photos from iPad. It is choked on 44 to upload and is useless on the road. Is it a feature, or bug?
Yeah i use Dropbox on my mobile. As i do put a lot of pictures in my Dropbox i make sub-folders on my computer so when i access from my phone it is easier to find the files.
I use dropbox in my mobile and Tablet. It is really nice and loving to use 
yes I use dropbox in my mobile its very good and very useful
Yes i use in my mobile and its very important for me and so use full . Thanks a loooooot
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