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Over the weekend, a supposed Ice Cream Sandwich test build found its way onto the Cheesecake app for DROID Bionic owners. The Cheesecake application searches servers that Motorola hosts their public f...
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+Brandon Sobotta We aren't really sure what this build means. Hopefully devs can at least poke around in it and look for useful goodies. We really just know now that they are at least working on it heh.
Ohhh this will make my parents very happy... They are proud crap-o-rola owners :-)
I can't believe we're still sitting around watching a mere trickle of ICS onto handsets.  This is why the carriers shouldn't be determining what OS the phones run.  What would the outcry be if Comcast told you that you couldn't install Windows 7 because they wanted your machine to be running XP AND we're going to charge you by the minute like AOL did at the turn of the digital millenium...
+Justin Fazekas
Amen but that is the same thing said everyday about every phone in the android environment and it ain't going to change anytime soon
The walled garden is looking more appealing.  At least Apple has the clout to force the hand of the carriers.  Do I want to give up my freedom in the mud for servitude in a gilded cage?
If any Android mfg is gonna have Apple clout to keep the carriers in line its probably gonna be Samsung.
+Nicolas LaBarre you need to get in on this... I want Google to start flexing some muscle with the Motorola acquisition but I don't think it will play out like I want it to.
Someone explain the red tape involved in this? Its got all the specs to accommodate ics... ram, processor etc. Does moto have 1 tech and a monkey working on the port while everyone works on the razor ports or is it truly harder on porting ics to the bionic?
Congrats to Bionic owners.
And here's to hoping that CNET's prediction of June 12 for RAZR ICS is correct... It makes me want to stay up like it's Christmas checking for updates every half hour. lol
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